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The statewide strategy planning team is seeking your input as we review our accomplishments in MA and begin planning for the next two years. A strength of Mothers Out Front is our ability to build engagement at the community level to win local campaigns. At the same time, we want to balance that with targeted and effective action at the statewide level -- where we can achieve bigger wins. Please help us assess where we are so that we can plan wisely for the next two years.


Please answer these questions for your team, ideally in a meeting with the whole team. If that’s not workable, you may answer on their behalf on your own or with a subset of your team.

 Please complete this by September 17th. Please complete this as a Word document and mail it back as an attachment to [email protected]. Thank you!




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  1.  1.What community campaign(s) is your team currently working on? What is/ are your specific campaign “impact” goal/goals and the approximate timeline for achieving them?
  2. Do you expect to be working on the same community campaign(s) in 2019 or do you expect some changes when your team starts planning for next year?

  3. Did your team set “people goals” for 2018?  People goals, also called “capacity goals,” help teams stay focused on increasing the number of people at each level on the Ladder of Engagement (Supporting/ Taking Action/ Leading.) Please reflect on how you’re doing with bringing in new people and increasing people’s engagement and leadership?

  4. What local victories has your team achieved in the past year? Is there continuing work to do to implement or follow up on a prior “win”?


1) Check the box if your team is aware of these statewide campaigns. You don’t need to be aware of all the details listed: they are there to jog your memory.  

  • Stop the Pipelines, focussed on halting new gas infrastructure, including the West Roxbury Pipeline and the Weymouth Compressor Station. Local teams brought members to large rallies in West Roxbury and at the Statehouse, and helped host activists from Pennsylvania fracking country.
  • Fix the Gas Leaks, targeting the three MA gas utility companies to identify and fix the largest leaks in the system. Local teams participated with gas leaks tagging events, passes gas leaks resolutions in their localities, and created a successful a twitter storm aimed at National Grid.
  • Renewables and Energy Efficiency, focussed legislatively on increasing the Renewable Portfolio Standard, and on a household energy efficiency presentation to empower households to lower their carbon footprint.

2)  Over the past two and a half years, these actions were coordinated or supported by the statewide campaign task forces. Please check the ones your team participated in.

  • Gas Leaks tagging campaign in your city or town ,2016-2018
  • Passing local gas leaks resolution to support state legislation, 2016
  • Asking local Board of Health to sign letter on health impacts of gas, 2017-2018
  • Twitter storm targeting National Grid (orange gas leaks suits!), Dec 2016
  • Mothers Draw the Line protest at the West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline, May 2016
  • Mothers Stand with Andrea Against the Weymouth Compressor Station at the Statehouse (silent vigil in the hall with signs) ,July 2017
  • Social media campaign (aimed at Gov. Baker) in opposition to Weymouth Compressor Station, July/August 2017
  • Meeting with legislators about RPS and other issues, Fall 2017- July 2018
  • Testifying or supporting MOF at state level hearings, 2015-2018
  • Contacting legislators by phone or email in general,2015-2018
  • Hosted an energy efficiency presentation with Daria Mark, spring 2017 -2018
  • Other - please describe

 3) Which activities on this list, if any, have helped your team to build engagement and leadership? How?

 4) Did participating in a state campaign bring your team a local win? If so, what?

 5) Do members of your team prefer to spend more time on local campaigns, or statewide campaigns?

 6) Which of the following sources of information about the statewide campaigns are most important to you?

  • Switch the Source Newsletter
  • Monthly statewide campaign call
  • Monthly statewide Coordinator calls
  • Coordinator emails
  • Coaching Meetings
  • Action alerts or emails
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • Local team member who serves on a state team or task force
  • Mothers Out Front MA website: ma.mothersoutfront.org
  • Other - please describe

7 ) Has the level of info about statewide actions been:

  • Too little
  • Adequate
  • Too much
  • Too much at certain times

8) Has the level of requests for your team to participate in statewide events been:

  • Too little
  • Adequate
  • Too much
  • Too much at certain times

9)  Anything else we forgot to ask?


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