Legislative Priorities in Massachusetts

URGENT: All Hands on Deck!

The Massachusetts two-year legislative session is scheduled to end on July 31. We have yet to bring meaningful climate change legislation to a vote in the House this session. Our children cannot wait 2 more years for bold climate action.  

Immediate Action: If you already called your State Representative last week, please ask a friend to call theirs. If you haven't yet, please do. If you do not know who your State Representative is, check here.  Then please call and/or email your Representative to:

  • Thank them for the Legislature’s dedication and extra work to keep us safe during the pandemic.
  • Remind them that there are critically important bills still in the House Ways and Means Committee that need to be voted on by the full House.  Tell them that you are ready to see the Legislature take on meaningful climate legislation now, in addition to their work to address Covid-19.
  • Ask them to contact the House leadership, especially Rep Tom Golden, Rep Aaron Michlewitz, and Speaker Robert DeLeo, to request that the following bills get passed out of Committee and put up for a floor vote:
  • And finally, thank them again for making strong climate action a priority this session.

We’re going to keep pushing for the environmental justice bill until the legislature codifies (puts into law) administrative procedures that promote environmental justice and protect communities at risk.

The 2050 Roadmap bill is best situated to move our original priorities forward. When this and other bills come to a vote, we will updated this page with a list of amendments to support.

Sample Call Script: personalize this message when speaking with your representative

Hello Representative <name>.  I’m <your name>, and I live in <town>.  I’m also a member of Mothers Out Front. First, thank you for the dedication you have shown and the non-stop work you and your colleagues have been doing to keep us safe during the pandemic. 

Now I’m ready to see the Legislature take on meaningful climate legislation, in addition to your work to address Covid-19.  Today I am calling to ask for your support for two critically important bills that are still in the House Ways and Means Committee, and need to be voted on by the full House: H.3983 and H.4264. Those are the 2050 Roadmap bill and the Environmental Justice bill. Please ask the House leadership to move these bills forward for a floor vote.

Please contact your Representative, and urge them to vote for the Roadmap to 2050 and Environmental Justice!

We know that Mothers make a difference in the State House.  Thank you!

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