Legislative Priorities in Massachusetts

We know Mothers voices make a difference in the State House.

We are determined to make the biggest difference we can to ensure all children benefit from a swift, just, and complete transition from fossil fuels. That's why we are focusing on the following three priorities for the 2019-2020 Massachusetts legislative session:

  • a fair price on carbon pollution
  • environmental justice codified into state law
  • a plan for the transition from natural gas heat to renewable heat, increasing gas safety and more accountability of gas companies to communities. 

You can make a difference by talking to your elected officials, telling your story at hearings, and encouraging family and friends to join you. Mothers Out Front teaches members how to speak truth to power without having to be an expert on the legislation we support. Let your voice be heard.

To learn more about the bills, the legislative actions we're taking, and other bills we support, click here.

The introductory flyer about our legislative priorities (pictured below) is available in a printable version here.

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