Key Developments in Weymouth


  • This station was proposed in 2015. Since then, FRRACS, Fore River Basin residents, and local elected officials, supported by Mothers Out Front and other allies, have fought through the complex federal and state permitting process. A veritable parade of public meetings, legislative hearings, lawsuits, appeals, rallies, letters, tweet storms, and phone calls have all helped stall the project.


  • In July 2017, Governor Baker responded to opposition by mandating a Health Impact Assessment for the project. After months of administrative foot dragging, the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) released its Health Impact Assessment (HIA) in January 2019.


  • The assessment was incomprehensive and flawed—and allowed the governor to grant the air quality permit. The appeals process for that permit is under way, as are other appeals. Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility issued a strongly-worded report on the health impacts and safety concerns that the HIA failed to address.


  • Responding to pressure applied in advance of a Mothers Out Front–led action at the State House on February 7, the MAPC, with whom Mothers Out Front has worked successfully in the past, came out publicly against the station, citing safety and climate concerns. This development, coupled with local media coverage of the action, was a welcome moment in the fight.

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