Save Energy in your home and 

          reduce emissions that cause global warming - 

                Help make a liveable climate for the next generations.


 What’s the 1st step to saving energy?     

      Call to arrange for a free home energy audit!                         

Learn where to stop drafts and heat loss and reduce your fuel use, energy bills and emissions.

Ipswich Electric Light Department, all customers can call the HELPS program   1-888-333-7525  

                              Gas heat National Grid customers can call    MassSave at    1-866-527-7283  


      Mothers Out Front - Ipswich urges every home in Ipswich to have an energy audit.  

Saving money and energy may be easier than you think.

Improve your home’s energy efficiency and receive rebates for

       -  The cost of blower door leak testing, insulation and duct-sealing  

       -  installing more efficient heating and hot water

       -  purchasing more modern, energy efficient refrigerators, programmable or wifi thermostats


Contact   HELPS 1-888-333 – 7525 or   www.munihelps.org    Ipswich Electric Light Department

   or     MassSave 1-866-527-7283      www.masssave.com   National Grid customers


        Action Inc may provide weatherproofing and fuel assistance to qualified Ipswich residents.  

Call 978.282.1000 or visit their website https://actioninc.org/energy/  


A national group of moms (and allies) fighting for 

a livable climate for our kids and grandkids.  

Contact us at info.ma.Ipswich@mothersoutfront.org

Mothers Out Front - Ipswich is on Facebook