Induction Plate Loan Program Kicks Off in Brookline

Mothers Out Front Brookline and the Public Library of Brookline have joined forces to launch an induction plate loan program for residents of the town.

Induction technology offers a responsive and efficient way of cooking food with electricity, rather than natural gas.  Powered by electric currents, induction uses magnetism to heat cookware directly, offering speed, reduced energy use, and easy clean up.  Mothers Out Front has collected items from generous donors, in addition to cookware donated by Williams-Sonoma, to create four kits, which Brookline residents can borrow from the Coolidge Corner library for two weeks.

Each kit includes one induction plate that plugs into a wall socket, one 10-inch frying pan, and one 4.5-quart pot.  The set comes in a bag with complete instructions for use.  With the kit, 

Induction loan program items at the Public Library of Brooklinetown residents can try out this new cooking technology in their own homes.  Induction heats very quickly, boiling water rapidly, and providing fast cooking of other foods.  It offers reduced risk of fire, as well as decreased odor and indoor air pollution for the home, making an appealing alternative to natural gas appliances.  The sets must be returned to the library in person due to the size of the package.

“This is an opportunity for the community to learn more about this technology.  It dovetails nicely with our Library of Things collection here at the library where we provide a variety of different items that people might not want to buy immediately, they want to try it out first, they want to bring it to their home, see how it works before they make the greater investment,”  said Colin Wilkins, Supervisor of Collection Development at the Public Library of Brookline.

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