Hunger for Justice Action

Thank you for taking action! Here's the current situation and the actions to take.

The company that plans to build the Weymouth compressor station, Enbridge, continues to poison children, families and workers in the densely populated area. They continue their disastrous construction work in arsenic and asbestos laden soil. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) does not Protect the community.

Now our friend Nathan Phillips is on a hunger strike to get the attention of the DEP and Governor Baker to protect the people of the Fore River Basin. We can back him up with our phone calls, tweets, posts and messages. We are amplifying the call of Fore River Residents Against the Compressor Station (FRRACS). Our message is aimed at the two men in our state who have the power to act, who could meet the reasonable demands Nathan has made, but so far have refused to do so.

We are asking for calls and tweets to Governor Baker and the Department of Environmental Protection over the weekend - so they find their voicemail full on Monday morning!  It would be so helpful if you could continue to call and tweet! - anytime day or evening - urging Governor Baker and the Department of Environmental Protection to meet Nathan’s three simple demands.


  1. Governor Baker’s office: 617-725-4005
  2. DEP Commissioner Suuberg’s office: 617-292-5500, extension for messages: #71098

Say, “I am calling to urge you to meet the three demands about the Weymouth compressor construction site that will allow the ongoing hunger strike of Nathan Phillips to cease.”

You don't need to read the demands to them, they know, but they are:

  1. All dump trucks leaving the site abide by the decontamination measures outlined on page 27 of the Release Abatement Measures plan of November 25, 2019, which require a decontamination pad/station and other measures to clean tires and exterior vehicle surfaces of site residue. 
  2. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection commences comprehensive testing for asbestos in furnace bricks and in the coal ash matrix, across and throughout the vertical profile of the North Parcel. 
  3. The Baker administration commits to a date certain, no later than two weeks from today, for the installation and operation of an air quality monitor as Governor Baker pledged action on ‘within a couple of days’ on Radio Boston on January 23, 2020.


Use this hashtag and tag these twitter accounts:


@MothersOutFront @nathanpboston @MassDEP @MassGovernor @FRRACS_MA


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