Hunger for Justice

For more than five years, the frontline community organization in the Fore River Basin, FRRACS, has brilliantly and bravely led the fight against Enbridge’s plans for a compressor station in Weymouth. Every day this toxic and dangerous project has been delayed has been a win for FRRACS, the residents of the Fore River Basin and our planet - and an expense for Enbridge.

In spite of the unyielding fight by FRRACS and allies across the state, Enbridge started construction in January, 2020. Their construction process daily defies the agreements made for site remediation. Huge drills have dug deeply into the arsenic and asbestos laden soil, throwing these and other toxins into the air. Trucks pound and break up the buried furnace bricks, releasing asbestos.  Workers are without masks and without proper coverings. Unmarked trucks transport the toxic soil to a New Hampshire landfill, and maybe to Maine - and, it seems, without properly disclosing what is in the soil. (Hint to DEP:  This is not ‘historic fill’).

 The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has been complicit in all this - aiding Enbridge, and not protecting the community. Since October, 2019, they have refused communication with FRRACS and residents.  Now important things are happening:

On January 22nd, FRRACS led a powerful delegation to the DEP office in Lakeville. (Alice Arena and  other FRRACS members, supported by allies, led 2 1/2 hour occupation and teach-in, resulting in a 4 hour meeting being set for early February with DEP officials!!!)

And on Wednesday, January 27th, our friend Nathan Phillips began a hunger strike to help protect the residents of the Fore River Basin - and beyond.. He has put forth three simple demands.  Let’s please back him up with our phone calls, tweets, posts and messages so the Nathan can cease his hunger strike. Our message is aimed at the two men in our state who have the power to act, who could meet the reasonable demands Nathan has made, but so far have refused to do so.

Click here for more details from FRRACS.

We are asking for calls and tweets to Governor Baker and the Department of Environmental Protection. Please call and tweet! - anytime day or evening - urging Governor Baker and the Department of Environmental Protection to meet Nathan’s three simple demands.


  1. Governor Baker’s office: 617-725-4005
  2. DEP Commissioner Suuberg’s office: 617-292-5500, extension for messages: #71098

Say, “I am calling to urge you to meet the three demands about the Weymouth compressor construction site that will allow the ongoing hunger strike of Nathan Phillips to cease.”

Use this hashtag and tag these twitter accounts:


@MothersOutFront @nathanpboston @MassDEP @MassGovernor @FRRACS_MA

Sample tweets:

If @nathanpboston can take personal responsibility 4 #Weymouth w/ a hunger strike, @MassDEP & @MassGovernor can take responsibility for the safety of residents. I call on them to meet his 3 demands. #Hunger4JusticeMA @FRRACS_MA @MothersOutFront
As a mother, I have great concern and awe for @nathanpboston’s hunger strike. @MassDEP@MassGovernor act like a mom and show you care by meeting Nathan’s demand so he can cease his strike. @mothersoutfront @FRRACS_MA #Hunger4JusticeMA





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