Hosting an Art Build with moms and kids


Use ideas suggested here to create art together with moms and children in support of the Youth Climate Strike. You can also come up with your own art. Whatever you do, make sure to take pictures and share with your community and team and on social media!


A couple of Art Build ideas from Massachusetts mom leaders


What is an Art Build?

It is a creative political event designed to support a movement or campaign action or opportunity.


How does it work?

You gather supporters to make visuals that support an upcoming event or action; this usually provides TWO press opportunities (the art build and the action itself). Usually an art build takes place not more than two weeks before an action.


Why do an Art Build?

  • To engage our base or recruit new moms/parents
  • To engage moms and kids together to learn about climate
  • To develop leaders by having them take new roles in leading the art build
  • To produce beautiful, message-relevant tools for the upcoming action or event



  • Could be at someone’s home, school gym, church basements, community center.
  • You’ll need space for supplies and “big” art projects.
  • Prepare to cover the floor from paint or other materials that may spill!


What you need

  • Snacks, treats, beverages
  • Poster board & markers, paints, sheets for banners, cardboard for big designs, glitter, buttons, other cool art supplies!
  • Consider drop cloths & aprons to protect floor & clothes.
  • Clear message guidance—usually put on poster board on the walls or done in a welcome message with group input.


What do you do with the art

  • You can display in public spaces: city/town hall, a local school, park, or public library
  • You can ask your local school’s science/green club to invite you to speak about your art
  • You can bring it with you to local climate events, if feasible. 
  • You can ask your local art council board/commission if they can help you find other places to display. 

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