Help stop the Weymouth Compressor Station

We need your support for the Fore River Community in Massachusetts! If you can, please shirt up and show up for  an important rally in Weymouth on Saturday, January 12. And whether you can be there or not, please help us amplify local residents’ concerns with some online activism!

Background: Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection approved the Air Quality Determination for Enbridge’s fracked gas compressor station in Weymouth on Friday. We are in a critical moment in the fight against new gas infrastructure in Massachusetts.

Click for information about Saturday’s rally in Weymouth.

If you can’t be there in person, you can support this effort online! Help make us louder so our message gets through to Governor Baker and the DEP!



Target Twitter Handles:  

@MassGovernor  (Note: if this is the first thing in your tweet, put a period in front it: .@MassGovernor)




Hashtags to use: 






Retweet:  Adding your own comment to a retweet increases its impact.

Visuals:  If you have any pictures to add, that helps also.



  • .@MassGovernor and @MassDEP : What do I tell my kids about the decisions you are? That our governor cares more about gas executives than our kids? #NoPermitNoCompressor #WeareALLForeRiver @MothersOutFront @FRRACS_MA 

  • .@MassGovernor and @MassDEP decide more gas and more air pollution for the Fore River and all MA residents.  #NoPermitNoCompressor #WeareALLForeRiver @MothersOutFront @FRRACS_MA

  • .@MassGovernor and @MassDEP we've made our decision - no more fracked gas. Moms will not give up. #NoPermitNoCompressor #WeareALLForeRiver @MothersOutFront @FRRACS_MA 

  • You promised your voters you would prioritize climate change @MassGovernor. The @IEA reported we cannot afford to build any more fossil fuel infrastructure without imperiling our planet. Protect our kids. #NoPermitNoCompressor #WeareALLForeRiver @MothersOutFront @FRRACS_MA

  • Fore River residents can expect more asthma, headaches, liver & kidney damage, and cancer, thanks to Air Permitting decision made by @MassGovernor and @MassDEP #NoPermitNoCompressor #WeareALLForeRiver @MothersOutFront @FRRACS_MA

  • .@MassGovernor: Our kids deserve a livable climate. We needed you to represent the Commonwealth’s families by denying the air quality permit for the Weymouth fracked gas compressor station. #NoPermitNoCompressor #WeareALLForeRiver @MothersOutFront @FRRACS_MA

What you’ll do on social media…whether you’re at the rally or not!

  • If you have 1 minute: you will send a tweet (copy one above and edit it with your words)
  • If you have 3 minutes: you will take a picture and post it on Twitter with your tweet.
  • If you have 20 minutes: you will post a picture on Twitter, and then retweet other mothers’ posts with the Hashtag #NoPermitNoCompressor.
  • If you have 30 minutes: You can do a selfie testimonial video (<1min) about why this is important or take a quick video at the rally to show others what's happening and share it on Twitter! Add your comments!


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