HeatSmart Newton



Heat Pump Technology for Home Heating, Cooling, and Hot Water.’  A heat pump can be an affordable, efficient alternative to burning fossil fuels for residential heating and cooling, and for providing hot water for the home.

HeatSmart Newton, an exciting new program being launched by the City of Newton. It will educate Newton residents about heat pump technology and available financial incentives. It will help residents to find a vetted installer.

Find out how you can get Heat Pump Technology installed in your home. Now you can watch the video of  the April  27 webinar on ‘Heat Pump Technology for Home Heating, Cooling, and Hot Water.’ 

We have our website and our HeatSmart Newton Phone Hotline and our Customer E-Mailbox:  Feel free to share with others in Newton. The website has a facility for people to enter their information if they want more information. 

Web: http://wepowr.com/HeatSmartNewton

Email for questions or to ask for callback from HeatSmart coach:  [email protected]

HeatSmart Newton hotline:  To ask a question and/or request a callback from a HeatSmart Coach:  617-614-7323

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