On October 29, Cambridge moms, and other Mothers Out Front teams, participated in an action in front of the investment management firm BlackRock’s headquarters at 60 State Street. The action called out Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, the world’s largest investor in fossil fuels, to “get off the bus” he’s on and instead become a leader of green energy. We called attention to Mr. Fink’s “report card” with Fs in Science (“ignores climate science”), Math (lost his clients 90 billion dollars from investing in coal), Social Studies (supported a climate denier to be head of a fossil fuel company), Ethics (for being a hypocrite and FAILING to live up to the sustainable practices he purportedly supports by directing only 0.8% of BlackRock’s assets toward them). For this last one he got an A+ in corporate messaging called “greenwashing”, which makes him sound like he’s helping the planet when in fact he’s contributing to its destruction.

Mr. Fink’s annual letter to investors needs to say the following:

  • How BlackRock will use its power to combat climate change;
  • How it will increase sustainable assets A LOT;
  • How it will shift investments from coal, oil, and gas extraction to renewable energy’
  • That climate science is real and how investments in sustainability require long term, as opposed to short term, investments.

In our dream scenario Mr. Fink wakes up and says, “OK! I’ll do it! I’ll turn this bus around for your kids, my kids, my grandkids, my employees’ kids for goodness sake! BlackRock’s bus needs to turn around for all kids everywhere!”

Needless to say, he didn’t come out and say this. But the pressure is on! We know who you are, Mr. Fink, and what you’re doing!

Thanks to Mary Cerulli for following the money trail and Sarah Snow for leading us and for all the incredible signs, banners, and handouts – and the “Mothers Out Front players”, who acted out the scenarios from which the information in this article is taken.


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