#GasLeaks Scavenger Hunt results

The results of our scavenger hunt for #gasleak flags are in: Susan Helms Daley and her daughter are the winners with 25 flag sightings posted to our Facebook page.  But we can't stop with their submissions: we received several wonderful contributions, so we thought we'd share these with you, in their own separate categories.

WINNERS - most flags found: Susan Helms Daley and her daughter

Gas Leak flags near Lawrence School

Saint Paul St gas leak flags

Best Flag finding with a k-9: Nicola Thompson and her dog

Nicola Thompson, gas leak at 91 SaintPaulSt

We feel really sad about the #gasleaks, also.  Since dogs have a better sense of smell, it's logical to assume they can smell methane leaks much better than we can. 

Best Selfie with a #GasLeakFlag: Mary Dewart, Climate activist, board member of Climate Action Brookline and Climate Week organizer

Mary Dewart - gas leak flag

Best group selfie - Emma Staff, Colby Ferrigno, Eva Morgan and Loren Spencer in front of Devotion Elementary School in Brookline

Group gas leak selfie

See all the submissions on our Facebook page or Twitter feed.

Thank you all who participated.  Add your voice to our petition to fix the #gasleaks: change.org/p/fix-massachusetts-gas-leaks.


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