Gas Leaks Campaign Update

On Mother’s Day, May 11, 2019, Mothers Out Front Needham rallied moms, dads, grandparents, teens, kids and even a few pups to tag 76 of 133 known gas pipe leaks in Needham. Mothers Out Front Needham’s 2019 Gas Leak Tagging Campaign raised awareness of gas leaks in Needham and put pressure on Eversource to measure the size of each gas leak and seal them, according to MA law.  

Click on the video below to view a news feature story about our campaign.



Where are we in 2020?

What’s been made clear is that our work must continue. Our Needham community still has 119 documented gas leaks (according to a 2019 report provided by Eversource Gas). These leaks are located all over our town—near homes, schools and businesses. These leaks emit METHANE, a powerful greenhouse gas more destructive than carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. 

We still need your voice and support! Mothers Out Front Needham is committed to STOPPING NEEDHAM GAS LEAKS. Take action and Sign our petition to STOP NEEDHAM GAS LEAKS! 

Join Mothers Out Front Needham and help us do our share of protecting the future for our children. To learn more: please email [email protected]



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