Methane Gas Leaks in Brookline have been tagged

There are over 250 active gas leaks in Brookline, making our town the 2nd highest in the state in gas leaks per mile.  On Saturday, May 13th we tagged over 100 gas leaks in every precinct. Read our fact sheet on why gas leaks are important and what you can do to get them fixed.

We're asking our elected officials on Facebook or Twitter to support the Gas Leaks Consumer Cost Protection Bill (S.1845, H.2683), which prohibits the utility companies from charging us for lost and unaccounted for gas.  This bill gives the incentive to find and fix the biggest gas leaks!


Check if there are gas leaks next to your home or school. 

2 views of Route 9 gas leaks (source HEET)

Route 9 gas leaks view near Upper Devotion School  Route 9 gas leaks near schools