Senator Cindy Creem

Representatives Lori Ehrlich and Christina Minicucci


  • Creates a path to a safer renewable energy future.

  • Addresses the neglected gas system’s current leaky pipes and safety challenges.

  • Puts the public back in the Department of Public Utilities.

Massachusetts has committed, through the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2008 to a 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels. While we strongly support increasing this goal to 100%, we are also aware that our current efforts will not suffice to meet even the 80% target. 

Since 1997, Massachusetts has required electric utilities to use more renewable energy each year through the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). One result is that our growing solar electric industry has earned 11,500 jobs and attracted $5 billion of investment to our state. The gas utilities do not have a similar path to get to our state emissions goals and continue to invest heavily in fossil fuel infrastructure that will not be needed. If we are to meet even existing goals, we must address the gas system.

It is time to take on the challenge of how to heat and cool our buildings with local clean renewable energy instead of explosive gas. The FUTURE Act creates a road map for gas companies to transition to modern renewable thermal by 2050.

We are asking Legislators in both houses to support the bill.

Legislator Information Sheet

FUTURE bill filed in the House, H.2849, full text

FUTURE bill filed in the Senate, S.1940, full text


Learn about the bill:

Webinar on the FUTURE bill.

Click here for the slides from the webinar. 


Helpful documents:

Talking Points for advocates




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