Food Waste

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To date, Black Earth Compost has recruited 139 customers for its curbside compost collection in Bedford. We need 200 customers in order to get the reduced rate. More promotion is necessary, but it is important to emphasize the benefits of composting in general and not only BEC. Another commercial service, City Compost, also has customers in the area. It may be useful to have literature on both curbside and backyard composting options to share at the Annual Town Meeting.


The liquid diversion project at John Glenn Middle School is moving forward with support from the school administration and custodial staff. It is now only a part of a broader sustainability project! We will be looking for volunteers to help in the lunchroom once the project starts. A grant proposal will be submitted soon to start a bulk milk distribution system, which, if received, will greatly reduce the amount of milk wasted and cartons trashed.

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