First ever Leadership Academy class graduates!

Huge congratulations to the first cohort to complete the first ever Leadership Academy!No small feat! Now we have newly minted leaders knowledgeable in campaign strategy, one to one's, personal narratives and meetings with public officials. They will be unstoppable! Enormous gratitude goes out to all the trainers and staff who created curriculum and made all four modules happen. Hopefully this will be something that can be duplicated in other states!


MA_Leadership_Academy_KJelstrup_Ginger_Nina_Training.jpeg    MA_Leadership_Academy_KJelstrup_group.jpeg



Here is a terrific example of the power of these trainings:

"Powerful moment with 28 moms at @MothersOutFront Leadership Academy today. 'Raise your hand if, since joining MOF, you’ve done something you’d never done before.' 28 hands go up. Skills + support = courage to act. #ClimateActionNow” - Nina Dillon



MA_Leadership_Academy_KJelstrup_smallsubmeeting.jpeg     MA_Leadership_Academy_KJelstrup_Casual.jpeg


MA_Leadership_Academy_KJelstrup_Trainers_Group.jpeg     MA_Leadership_Academy_KJelstrup_Large_Group.jpeg

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