Exploring Collaborative Opportunities

To raise mothers’ voices, we must speak in numbers. This is a passion we share in Mothers Out Front. To give direction to this passion, the Massachusetts Leadership Team (MALT) has designed a creative way to take a “snapshot” of where chapters stand these days.

We are starting with a process we call Exploring Collaborative Opportunities (ECO). The ECO team is asking every chapter to reflect on the state of your people, projects, and alliances in a facilitated conversation. Our hope is that these dialogues will allow chapter members to reflect and share powerful insights with each other, with the MALT, and with statewide teams. 

Chapter responses will be compiled by the ECO team and shared back out to chapters. The information will be invaluable as we begin to discern an optimal process for identifying state campaigns that work for the chapters in all our diversity, and in this extraordinary time. 

We are asking chapter coordinators and MALT reps to help us put this plan in motion:

  • Schedule a chapter conversation,to take place by October 9. In most cases, your chapter coach will facilitate and should contact you soon to set up a date. Find a time when your coach and 4-6 core members (including MALT rep) can attend, and then invite your active member list. The conversation should take 60-75 minutes. (If your Chapter doesn’t have a coach at this time, no worries, we recruited some great volunteers to step in and help.)
  • Review the questions in advance (see below). 
  • Identify who in your chapter will be a short-term point person for this ECO project. (MALT sub-teams may have follow up questions.) Ideally the point person is a MALT rep or co-coordinator, however it is fine if an active member agrees to handle this.
  • Recruit a notetaker to complete a questionnaire form (details on how to access and complete the form to come shortly. It will be easy). You might want to designate a timekeeper to help keep the meeting on track as well. 
  • Participate in the conversation; complete the form for your chapter. 
  • Review the notes and your learnings with your coach afterward.

We tend to do our best work when we ask good questions and listen to a variety of answers. This is a great way to engage, build, and wield power as we co-create a shared future vision. I hope you recognize and embrace the benefits of this process for your chapter members, the MALT, and our statewide teams.

Please feel free to contact Deb Wild - deborahwild at comcast dot net 

MALT ECO Team:  Suzanne Mrozak - West Roxbury, Trish O’Hagan - Lincoln, Deb Wild - Growth & Engagement Resource Team


Preview of Chapter Conversation Questions 




Chapter Capacity and Impact

Thinking about the past 12 months, how many people have been engaged in your Chapter? (Examples: attending meetings, working on sub-teams, showing up at rallies, etc.) How many are leading on your team? 


How would you describe your chapter in terms of development stage these days?

1.       Exploring

2.       Emerging

3.       Established

4.       Thriving

5.       Leading & Seeding

Brief descriptions of these stages will be provided on the form.


How has COVID-19 affected your chapter’s capacity? 

For example, have any of your goals been set back because tabling is not an option?

On a positive note, has the need for social distancing allowed you to act in new and innovative ways?


In terms of growing your chapter, over the past two years, what projects (local and state) have been most effective?


Do you need to recruit or develop more members to handle chapter leadership functions? Please tell us if you have chapter coordinator(s), MALT rep, data coordinator, outreach team, communications, social media, treasurer.


Local Successes 

Please share success stories, such as any local wins on policies or practices, successful events, forums or outreach activities over the last two years that have furthered your goals or helped your community better understand or appreciate your chapter’s goals and power.


Ex. Gas Leaks Tagging, New ordinance ,Community Choice Aggregation


Chapter Impact in  Statewide Campaigns (and vice versa)

Which of your Chapter projects have tie-ins with the MA Beyond Gas Campaign? (Gas Leaks, Pipelines, Legislation, etc.)

For example, did your members tag gas leaks in the last 2 years? Have members of your team reached out to state reps / senators in support of the FUTURE Act and/or Carbon Pricing bill?


Alliances - Local

What “high value” local alliances has your chapter developed that helped grow your chapter, and/ or implement projects? 

(Ex. Nonprofits, Black Lives Matter orgs, religious organizations, political, etc.)


Alliances - State

Which of these alliances have statewide impact as well?

Ex. We work with local 350Mass node = statewide org.


What else?

What else should we know about your chapter that can help us identify best ways to grow and wield power at the Chapter and State levels?



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