Energy Efficiency


Energy efficiency is the healthiest and most abundant renewable resource available for us as we reduce our use of fossil fuels.  In Massachusetts, 75% of our electricity is generated from burning natural gas, more and more of which is coming from the fracking fields of Pennsylvania. This is why energy efficiency is an integral part of protecting our children's future from climate change in our swift and just transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Our state leads the nation in energy efficiency, but we're far behind where we need to be to get a real impact in reducing our fossil fuel use so each of us can do more by reducing our own use of electricity and heating energy.  Schedule an energy efficiency presentation for your team, neighborhood group, community, bookclub, church, or synagogue to learn the actions we we can take to save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Beacon Hill, Bedford, Newton, Waltham, Brookline, Acton and Cambridge have already started their energy efficiency campaigns. If you would like your team to work on an energy efficiency, please contact us.

The presentation given by Daria Mark, as recorded in Acton, MA:


Call Mass Save or Home MVP for incentives and start making the changes outlined in our presentation. Wait times for an appointment are shorter in the spring and summer months.

Guide to saving energy at home


We've partnered with a utility tracking company, Wegowise, to automatically measure your energy savings.  It takes 15 minutes or less to sign up.  Your gas and electricity bills will be automatically imported into the platform which will graphically show you your energy use. 

Step by step guide to sign up for Wegowise.

At the end of our one year pilot, all participants will receive a report showing how much energy we were able to reduce.  Tracking your energy use and measuring the impact of the changes you are making show you how effective different measures have been in reducing both energy use and emissions.


Testimonials from participants

I have been thinking about the meeting and I have been more aware of saving energy. Now, I do the laundry with cold water. I pay attention to shut off the lights and tell my family members to do the same (not that easy!). I have reduced the amount of warm/hot water that I use. We signed up for clean electricity and we are planning to insulate the attic in the spring or summer.  I  don’t dry my clothes in the dryer, at least not all of them. I was not using the dryer that much before the meeting either. I grew up in Italy, where I was taught, as most Italians do, to save energy, so what it was discussed at the meeting revived in me the way I was  brought up and it was good. 

We received our electricity bill and even if we switched to green electricity, we saved 30% respect to the same period last year!

We regulate the house temperature much better now by keeping the temperature lower. When  we are at home 65 F and at night and when we are not at home at 62. We don’t feel cold, we just wear a heavier sweater.

- Elisabetta Sassaroli, Brookline

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