EMAIL or Call your Senator over the Benson Deal.

With every phone call, tweet, and letter to a public official, every rally and march, every conference call and meeting, our children see us as passionate advocates fighting to transform a sick and threatened planet into a healthy, just, and thriving world.

Our calls are part of a statewide effort with the Clean Energy Future coalition in support of H.2810, “An Act to Promote Green Infrastructure and Reduce Carbon Emissions” sponsored by Rep. Jennifer Benson and co-sponsored by 104 other legislators

Filling our legislators inboxes with emails and voicemails during and just after the Thanksgiving break will show that we're serious about wanting them to join us to work for a just and livable future for all children. If you email, include a photo of your family with your note.

  • Ask your legislators to urge the Chairs of the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy (Senator Michael Barrett and Representative Thomas Golden) to hold a hearing on the Benson Bill, H.2810, “An Act to Promote Green Infrastructure and Reduce Carbon Emissions.” 

email or call about H2810 to Sen Barrett

For those who live within Senator Barrett’s district Waltham, Lincoln, Lexington, Concord, Bedford, etc), here are alternative sample scripts to use.

For a phone call [(617) 722-1572]

Hello.  My name is ____ and I live at______. As a constituent and a member of Mothers Out Front, I am calling to ask you to please bring Bill H.2810 to a hearing as soon as possible.  While other carbon fee initiatives are being considered, I believe that H.2810 is the most comprehensive, most just and equitable, and the quickest to implement. We are in a Climate Crisis and must move quickly.  H.2810 will help us do so. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.

Sample email [[email protected]]

Dear Senator Barrett,

As a mother I am alarmed by the Climate Crisis and the storms, fires, floods, explosions, pollution and trauma that have disrupted the lives of my children and beloved family members and friends living across the United States and abroad. As a member of Mothers Out Front, I share a vision of a just and livable future that I hope will be my legacy for my children and all children.

This Thanksgiving, I am taking time out from festivities to write to thank you for your support for carbon fees as an effective mechanism to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  I especially ask you, in your role as Co-Chair of the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy, to please schedule a hearing on H.2810 as soon as possible.

H.2810 gives me hope. Other initiatives are also being discussed, but H.2810 will create a comprehensive system of responsible environmental stewardship and economic justice. And it can do so in an efficient and effective manner.  I know you share my vision for a livable future; I urge you to move quickly to schedule a hearing for H.2810 and then favorably pass it out of your Committee.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

If you want to go that extra mile please email us and let us know you contacted them  [email protected]

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