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Sample email to a co-sponsor of the Benson bill (click here to see co-sponsors). If your legislator has not co-sponsored, omit the phrase thanking them for co-sponsoring and ask them to now!

Please make this your own. Originality makes an impression on legislators. Add a photo of your family, perhaps of a gathering you're having in the next week if you're having one.

Dear [Legislator's title and last name],

As a mother I am alarmed by the Climate Crisis and the storms, fires, floods, explosions, pollution and trauma that have disrupted the lives of my children and many of our beloved family members and friends living all over the United States and abroad. As a member of Mothers Out Front, I share a vision of a just and livable future that I hope will be my legacy for my children and all children.

This Thanksgiving, I am calling/writing to thank you for being a Co-Sponsor of Representative Jennifer Benson's bill, H.2810, and to ask you to contact the TUE Committee Chairs Senator Michael Barrett and Representative Thomas Golden to urge them to schedule a hearing as soon as possible.

H.2810 gives me hope. It will create a comprehensive system of responsible environmental stewardship and economic justice. I hope you share my vision for a livable future, and that you will enlist your colleagues in calling for a hearing. I look forward to your response.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving,

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