Earth Day 2020 Massachusetts


Mothers Out Front is joining Earth Day Live, a 3-day national livestream mobilization. Massachusetts Mothers Out Front is also proud to be a partner with Boston Climate Strike and Our Climate youth leaders, supporting their efforts to secure a livable planet. See a full list of the youth coalition events here. This is after all, about Our Pledge and Their Future #OurPledgeTheirFuture.

If you feel inspired to have fun, show up, and speak out, we invite you to join any and all of these upcoming virtual activities. This webpage has as full a description of the events as we know and will be updated often this week. 

We'll be using social media all week. Be sure to tag @MothersOutFront on any tweets and posts. Use the following hashtags too: #OurPledgeTheirFuture #StrikeWithUs #StoptheMoneyPipeline #HealOurEarth #ClimateStrikeMA

Mothers Out Front Summary Schedule 

(Youth-led events in green)


"Heal Our Earth" / "Sanemos Nuestra Tierra" Window Poster Mosaic

All week, Photo Mosaic rolling deadline, 15 minute activity

Let’s send a message to our legislators and communities that we are committed to healing our earth. We’re making a Photo Mosaic of window displays to email to legislators and post on social media. If you already have teddy bears in your window for “Bear Hunts,” add Heal Our Earth Window Posters. Send your photo of it to Sonja Tengblad ([email protected]) for her to build a bigger Window Poster Mosaic each day until Thursday 6:00pm. The growing Mosaic and updated information will be found here.

  1. Engage your whole family to make Window Posters saying "Heal Our Earth" / "Sanemos Nuestra Tierra" 
  2. Take a photo of it in your window, on a tree, attached to your front door. Leave it up all week so people passing by can see it! 
  3. Send your photo to Sonja Tengblad ([email protected]) as soon as possible but before Thursday 6:00pm. Please include your location and names / ages of everyone in your family if you feel comfortable. 
  4. Share your photo or the Poster Mosaic on social media with the hashtag #HealOurEarth 


Wednesday, April 22 - Indigenous People and Youth Leadership Day

Earth Day Mothers Out Front Dance Mob Video 

Wednesday April 22 at 11:30 AM EDT, 10 minute Zoom

Share your crazy energy for the Earth in a virtual dance mob that will travel the country! Join Mothers Out Front families to dance to an awesome call and response action song, used by special permission from Grammy-winning duo, The Okee Dokee Brothers. In these 10 minutes, we'll learn the song, practice, and then record the Zoom of everyone dancing to the music. We'll share it widely on YouTube and spread our Earth Day energy far and wide!

Zoom link for Wednesday dance party here: more information, email [email protected]

Earth Day Mealtime Concert

Wednesday April 22 at 12:00 noon and April 23 at 6:00 PM  EDT, 30 minute Facebook live event

Join Grammy-winning singer Sonja Tengblad and her husband, Jonathan Hess, for a 30-minute Earth Day Mealtime Concert that will intersperse quick, family action items you and your family can consider for Earth Week and beyond.

Wednesday April 22 at 12:00 EDT, Facebook live event page here

Thursday April 23 at 6:00 pm EDT, Facebook live event page here

Stand With Mashpee Wampanoag

Wednesday April 22 any time during the day, 10 minute activity

Let’s all take an important action for our Mashpee Wampanoag friends. On Friday, March 27th, Mashpee Nation Tribe leaders were informed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs that the Mashpee Nation people are being terminated, meaning the government is ending their right to govern themselves on their land and is stripping them of their reservation. The Tribe is headquartered in Mashpee on Cape Cod.

Action: Please call Senate Indian Affairs Committee Chairman Hoeven: Chairman Hoeven: (202) 224-2551. Urge him to protect the Mashpee Reservation and pass S. 2628 THE MASHPEE WAMPANOAG TRIBE RESERVATION REAFFIRMATION ACT

Senate Bill 2628 was introduced by Senator Markey, and its passage would override the Trump Administration’s order. The bill has already passed the House with strong bipartisan support, (HR 312), but is stalled in the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs. To learn more:  You can watch a short video here.  Visit the Mashpee Wampanoag official site here.

Earth Day Youth-led Rally with Ed Markey 

Wednesday April 22 7:00 PM EDT, 2 hour Zoom

The powers of the entire Massachusetts Youth Climate Coalition COMBINE for this two hour rally will have everything: Ed Markey, an art action reveal, speakers, and live music.  Register here 

Thursday April 23 - Stop The Money Pipeline Day

Stop The Money Pipeline Actionars

Thursday April 23 at 12:00 noon and 7:00 PM  EDT, 1 hour Zooms

Mothers Out Front joins with Stop the Money Pipeline allies for 2 actionars.*  Let’s all get together for one or both events to speak out about JP Morgan Chase, the largest financier of fossil fuel projects around the world, in the U.S., and right here in Massachusetts. Let us know you’re interested and to get registration info on this Actionar page.

Simultaneous fun activity for kids so you can attend the actionar. RSVP here.

 * What is an actionar?  It's like a webinar only better!  We come together on Zoom to take action - phoning, emailing, or tweeting - calling on JP Morgan Chase leaders to stop funding fossil fuels and to embrace renewable energy. 


Corporate Polluter Fees & Lobbying Practice Teach-In 

Thursday April 23 at 2:00 PM EDT, 

Our Climate and Sunrise Western Mass are joined by our older allies and expert lobbyists from Climate Action Now in Western Mass to review the critical role that equitable carbon pricing plays in a Green New Deal. We will learn how this policy makes corporate polluters pay for a just transition to a green economy and how to make sure the policy is equitable. Lastly, we will run practice lobbying sessions groups in which teams of youth leaders will act out a conversation with someone acting as a difficult legislator.  RSVP here

Earth Day Supper Time Concert

Thursday April 23 at 6:00 PM EDT (see description above) 

Facebook live event page here


Friday April 24 - Political Action and Voter Engagement Day

Mosaic Reveal and Launch of Emails and Tweets to Our Legislators

Friday April 24 9:00 AM, and any time during the day, 15 minute activity 

Today we send our message to our legislators that we are committed to healing our earth. Email, Tweet, and post the final Window Poster Mosaic image and message that we want the Massachusetts Legislature to move forward on the Future Act, the Carbon Pricing bill, and Environment Justice bill. More information about how to reach out to your legislators coming soon.

Our Climate - Phonebanking Party with Light Up the Map

Friday April 24 at 10:00 AM or 4:00 PM, 1 1/2 hours Zoom 

In this Webinar, youth leaders from Our Climate will help attendees learn how to use a really fun phone banking tool developed by our partners at Mothers Out Front and Hack Western MA. Join us for a quick meaningful way to advocate for our policy priorities: 100% Renewable Energy, Corporate Polluter Fees, and Environmental Justice. Zoom link on Youth events list.

National Mothers Out Front: Why Each Vote Matters

Friday April 24 2:00 PM, 1 hour Zoom 

Today we will share voices and narratives of moms and youth about their experiences voting for the first time and the importance of the youth vote in our elections. We will discuss rights, barriers and ways to get involved at all levels of our democracy. Sign up today to save your spot!

Massachusetts Mothers Out Front Mother/Son StoryCorps-style Interview on Climate Advocacy

Friday April 24 3:00 PM EDT, 1 hour Zoom

Mothers Out Front leader Andra Rose and her son Solomon Goldstein-Rose will interview each other to bring out the story of how one youth’s activism inspired his mother’s activism on climate. Solomon was elected State Rep from Amherst, MA when he was 22 and served one term. He then delved into research on how we can actually solve the climate crisis. In this interview, he will explain the hopeful 100% Solution framework he's developed. An opinion piece in Scientific American by Solomon gives some background.

RSVP to get the Zoom link here.

National Mothers Out Front: Global Climate Strike - Celebrate Indigenous Voices 

Friday April 24 5:15 PM EDT, 1 hour Zoom 

Hosted by Mothers Out Front organizers and staff, the webinar's goal is to provide an opportunity to listen to Indigenous peoples’ wisdom and reflect on our connections to earth on the 50th anniversary of Earth day. We'll discuss some issues Indigenous communities are working on and emphasize how critical it is for the Youth to lead this movement and to make an intersection between the current pandemic and Climate crisis. RSVP here.

Fridays for the Future - Climate Poetry Slam

Friday, April 24th at 7 pm

Fridays For Future MA is holding a poetry slam for the international #ClimateStrikeOnline day! All poems are about the environment, or climate change related issues! Come join us to enjoy poetry, the world, and think about what we can do to help it! Register here.


Excited to participate? Want to hear when we update this page with more information? Use the RSVP form below and you'll get updates.


April 18, 2020 at 6:00pm - April 24, 2020


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