Did you know?

Until tragic events recently in the Merrimack Valley, not many people were aware that the Boston area has one of the oldest pipeline infrastructures in the nation.

Utilities report over 16,000 plus gas leaks in Massachusetts. According to a study out of Harvard, the leaks alone would be enough to heat as many as 200,000 homes a year and consumers are paying for these leaks to the tune of $90,000,000 annually.

Our community, Needham, has 133 documented UNREPAIRED gas leaks alone.

Methane is a powerful heat-trapping greenhouse gas, about 30X more destructive than CO2.

These leaks are located all over our town – near homes, schools and businesses. These leaks emit METHANE, a powerful greenhouse gas more destructive than carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

Mothers Out Front Needham is committed to STOPPING NEEDHAM GAS LEAKS. Take action and add your voice to ours. Sign our petition to STOP NEEDHAM GAS LEAKS!

Join Mothers Out Front Needham and help us do our share of protecting the future for our children. To learn more: please email



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