Outreach and Conversation Starters


There is great power in numbers of moms and others showing up to support youth climate activists. Back-to-school activities are great opportunities to connect with new moms/parents whom we need in our movement. As we try to build momentum for new moms/others to be part of fighting climate change, we want to offer recommendations for places and ways to reach out and talk with other parents. 

a) Use “Care about the climate and kids? Let’s talk” button at back-to-school events, at playgrounds, or at sporting events.

- I am glad the heat waves are finally over. I worry that more kids will suffer heat exhaustion.

- Are your kids walking out of school on September 20 to join the Youth Climate Strike? I wonder how our school district will respond?

- The weather has been wild all over the US and abroad. Have you noticed climate change is getting a lot of attention?

b) Talk to parents at back-to-school events/functions about your team hosting a group conversation/teach-in about your hopes for your children's future and why it's important for adults to take action. Invite them to a group conversation to meet others.

c)  Places to reach out to parents & young people:

    • Back-to-school events & after-school activities
    • Neighborhood meetings
    • Playgroups/parent meet-ups/playgrounds
    • Faith-based events
    • Green/Environmental student groups/science clubs 
    • While waiting at the school bus stop or in line to meet your child after school.


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