Community Choice Aggregation (CCA)

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Affordable renewable energy for Arlington!

Since August 2017, Arlington residents and businesses have had a greener electricity source than Eversource’s Basic Service through CCA: Community Choice Aggregation, Arlington’s townwide electric service program.

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CCA was passed at the May 2016 Town Meeting by a 177-22 vote. It offers all Arlington residents and businesses an affordable electricity price right on their Eversource bill that includes 5% more local renewable energy instead of the minimum mandated by state law! But you can also OPT UP to a higher percentage of renewable energy.


What is Community Choice Aggregation and How Does it Address Climate Change?

A community can take the opportunity offered by municipal aggregation to increase the renewable energy content of their electricity supply above and beyond what is required by Massachusetts state law. When Arlington's CCA went live in 2017, according to the Massachusetts Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), 12% of our energy was required to come from qualifying “Class I renewables.” This percentage increases 1% per year after that. By 2050 utilities will be required to generate approximately 45% of their energy through renewable resources.  Sounds great, but it’s too slow to meet the challenge we face from climate change.

With community choice aggregation, a community can bundle Mass Energy’s MA Class I RECS into their city’s new aggregated electricity supply to provide five percent (5%) more green power than required by the state’s RPS. That means a community can jump 5 years ahead of state law, sending a message to policymakers that the state’s RPS is too slow.

For more info on what CCA is, click here to visit the Town’s CCA website.

Why Just 5% More?

Though going from 12% to 17% may not seem like much, buying RECs from Class I renewable energy generators gives developers revenue needed in order to ensure project financing. By helping the project get built, this type of power purchase actually shifts our power grid away from fossil fuels.However, Class I RECs are more expensive than non-Class I RECs, which do not have the same influence on renewable energy development.

The five percentage point difference is a magic number: it supports more renewable energy on our power grid while keeping the new aggregated supply rate competitive with what the electric utility is offering.

How CCA Works

Most residents are transparently opted into the new price automatically. A letter from the town details the price and start date.

Residents’ electricity bills continue to come from Eversource, but the Arlington price shows up under the “Supply” Section of the bill.

Residents can opt out or opt UP at any time. For more FAQs, visit the Town’s CCA website,

Residents' Choices:


Here are residents' choices. Note that opting UP costs a little bit more, but has a much larger impact!


Note also that residents who were already with a competitive supplier were not automatically included in the aggregation. They must cancel or conclude their service with the competitive supplier to opt into the new aggregated supply.

► For an even greater impact: “Opt Up”!

 “Opt Up” to 50% or 100% renewables through Arlington’s CCA either online, or by calling our CCA supplier, Direct Energy Services. Ask for Arlington Premium Local Green 50 or 100%, whichever you prefer.

Opt up online 

(Have your EverSource account number ready!)


Call Direct Energy Services to opt up: (866) 968-8065

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