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Renewable energy for Arlington!

Since August 2017, Arlington residents and businesses have had a greener electricity source through a Community Choice Aggregation program. CCA was passed at the May 2016 Town Meeting by a 177-22 vote. Now called Arlington Community Electricity (ACE), it offers all Arlington residents and businesses 11% more local renewable energy in addition to the minimum mandated by state law (16% in 2020) for a total of 27%! But you can also Opt Up to a higher percentage of renewable energy.

What is Community Choice Aggregation and how does it address climate change?

A community can take the opportunity offered by municipal aggregation to increase the renewable energy content of their electricity supply above and beyond what is required by Massachusetts state law by using their bulk purchasing power as a community to select where their energy supply comes from. Like many other towns in Massachusetts, Arlington uses its buying power to stabilize electric rates and to choose local renewable energy sources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and grow the renewable energy industry in our region.

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How Arlington Community Electricity Works

Eversource continues to deliver your electricity, manages all electricity billing, maintains the wires and poles that bring electricity to your home or business, and provides emergency service. The difference is that your electricity supplier is now Direct Energy Services.

Residents can opt out or opt up at any time. For more information, visit the Arlington Community Electricity website,

Residents who have selected a competitive supplier are not automatically included in the community choice aggregation program. They must cancel or conclude their service with the competitive supplier to opt into the Arlington Community Electricity (ACE) program.

► For an even greater impact: “Opt Up”!

Opt Up to 50% or 100% renewables through the Arlington Community Electricity program either online, or by calling our ACE supplier, Direct Energy Services. Ask for Arlington Local Greener (50%) or Arlington Local Greenest (100%), whichever you prefer.

Opt up online 

(Have your EverSource account number ready!)


Call Direct Energy Services to opt up: (866) 968-8065

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