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Hello ,

I wanted to pass along important information from Arlington Mothers Out Front and Vision 2020’s Sustainable Arlington about Arlington Community Electricity (ACE).

Under this initiative, our electricity has become cleaner and more affordable. Same Eversource bill, comparable price for electricity, and more green energy! Arlington residents will automatically benefit from 27% renewable energy instead of the current state requirement of just 16%!  Arlington Mothers Out Front and Vision 2020 Sustainable Arlington worked hard with the Town Manager and Town Energy Working Group to bring about this win-win for consumers and the planet.

And there's more--It’s possible to OPT UP from 27% and choose 50 or 100% green energy at a very reasonable cost. It’s a single, simple step that displaces investment in fossil fuels and decreases greenhouse gas emissions substantially. Opting up will cost a little bit more per kWh. 

  • To opt up now, call Direct Energy Services to opt up: (866) 968-8065. Have your Eversource electric account number handy.
  • You can also opt up online: visit to learn more and see pricing.

Thanks! I hope you’ll choose to opt up!


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