Carbon Pricing Legislation

The carbon pricing bill, H.2810, An Act to Promote Green Infrastructure and Reduce Carbon Emissions, was filed by Representative Jennifer Benson and co-sponsored by a majority of Representatives. 

The bill establishes a mechanism to set a fair price on the damage caused to our health and our climate from fossil fuel emissions from how we heat our buildings and from transportation. Seventy percent of the fee assessed will be rebated back to residents and businesses, with extra going to low and moderate income households and to residents in rural areas. Thirty percent will be put into a Green Infrastructure Fund (GIF) that will be available to municipalities for funding of climate mitigation projects and other “green” initiatives.


Ask your legislators to support the Benson bill to put a fair price on carbon pollution. If they already support the bill, please call to thank them, remind them why it's important to your family, and ask them to testify and stand with Rep Benson when the hearing is scheduled. They need our calls to be able to say to the House leadership "I'm hearing from lots of constituents who support H.2810." 

Ask local businesses to sign on to a letter to Governor Baker supporting carbon pricing.

Ask local officials to tell the Mass Municipal Association (MMA) they support H.2810.

Ask local officials to sign this letter to Governor Baker supporting H.2810.

Full text of bill

Here is an overview of H.2810.

Here is information on the environmental justice aspects of the bill and a deeper dive into the financial impact of the bill.

Here is the case for businesses supporting carbon pricing legislation.

Some say that the Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI) will take care of pricing the transportation sector, but the Benson bill will reduce carbon pollution from the transportation sooner, includes the heating sector as well and was written so that it compliments TCI. 


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