Carbon Pricing Legislation

The carbon pricing bill, HD2370, An Act to Promote Green Infrastructure and Reduce Carbon Emissions, was filed by Representative Lori Ehrlich. It establishes a mechanism to set a price on the damage caused to our health and our climate from fossil fuel emissions.  70% of the fee assessed will be rebated back to residents and businesses. 30% will be put into a Green Infrastructure Fund (GIF) that will be available to municipalities for funding of climate mitigation projects and other “green” initiatives.

Full text of bill

Here is a Info Sheet for advocates about carbon fee and dividend and the Benson bill.

Here is a Fact Sheet for Legislators.

Sample email to send to legislators about both Mass Mothers Out Front priorities.

Here is a deeper dive into the Environmental Justice aspects of the bill.

Update on carbon pricing initiatives in the Senate

Explanation of the Transportation Climate Initiative

Here is a recording of a presentation on the Campaign Call on 1/9/19. Sue Swanson's description of the carbon pricing bill starts at 1:20.


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