Campaign Proposal Form

Proposal Form for MOF MA Statewide Campaign 2019-2020

We need all completed proposals by October 15. We want to distribute them to the community teams and members at-large before October 20th so everyone is ready to talk in depth about the proposals. At least one member of a proposing team must attend the Statewide Assembly on Oct. 20. We hope your whole team will.

Please flesh out your campaign idea by answering the questions below. Review the campaign selection criteria that is based on best practices and the input of MOF members who participated in Janet’s webinar on strategy in September. Please read Janet’s webinar for the definition of a campaign. You will also find a link there to the Mothers Out Front Organizing Toolkit which has lots of good information about campaign planning.

We strongly encourage you to contact Janet ([email protected] as you start this process, to arrange for a staff organizer to work with your group to help you think through your responses.


1) What is the specific, measurable change this campaign will achieve if successful? In other words, what is the end-result “impact” you want? Please make sure to craft your response in terms of a specific “impact goal.” How will you know if we’ve won? (This is not the place to talk broadly about “educating the public” or about specific tactics, such as building relationships with legislators or utilities. That comes later.)


*This campaign will achieve a speedier shift to clean energy by requiring utilities to deliver more renewable energy to consumers.

*This win will reduce carbon emissions in 10 towns by imposing “zero energy” building requirements on all new construction in those 10 towns.


2) Who are the decision makers?  Who has the power to give you what you want?

In addition to the decision makers, are there one or two people who are best to focus on? These are the targets. (If you don’t know targets yet, it’s OK.)


3) In what ways will this campaign build engagement, leadership or key relationships for Mothers Out Front? This is your capacity goal. Be as specific as possible.



  • This state campaign will strengthen the leadership skills of our moms by enlisting one member of each community team to serve as a liaison to their State Representative.
  • This state campaign will build leadership and engagement in 5 community teams, who will help us pressure National Grid by tagging trees and engaging municipal officials in their own communities.
  • This campaign offers an opportunity to partner with a frontline community and learn from local residents, who bear the brunt of destructive energy policies.



4) What action(s) or tactics do you envision we will need in order to achieve the impact and capacity goals you have identified? If you don’t know yet, it’s OK. Remember, a staff organizer can work with you on this and other questions.


5) What types of engagement do you envision from community teams to make this campaign successful? What other types of community engagement do you envision?


6) What MOF resources and supports do you think this campaign will need? For example,  would you want support from the House Party team to help with engagement? From the communications staff to help with publicity? Would you want to use Mothers Out Front’s communications and social media platforms?  Do you see our organizing staff playing a significant role?


6) What timeline do you need to win? If this is not winnable within two years, is there a worthwhile intermediate win along the way?


7) Would Mothers Out Front be leading on this or working with a group of allies? Who else works on this now? Who else needs to work on this for us to have enough power to win?


8) What institutions, forces, or systems will oppose this?


9) Any thoughts about structure? Will a statewide committee or team will be needed to lead this campaign? How might we tweak or re-imagine our current committee and governance structure to build synergy between statewide and community-based work?


10) Reasons for choosing this as a top priority for Mothers Out Front in 2019-20? This is a good place to share your strategic thinking and analysis about why this is an important direction for Massachusetts Mothers Out Front. You may refer to the global context, the MA political environment or to more narrow organizational considerations. (Please review and think about the campaign selection criteria as you respond to this section.)  


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