Campaign Development 2020

Campaign Development Process

As you may have heard from your MALT rep, we changed the Massachusetts Assembly from November to February. We want to give everyone the time to focus on this crucial election and the complexities in our own lives. So we'll decide on our campaign(s), in February. 

But the strategy planning has begun and you're invited to participate. Our goal is to create a thoughtful, collaborative process for deciding how we will harness our collective power for meaningful statewide wins. Several working groups involving more than 15 MALT members are developing the criteria, timeline, process, visioning, in-reach to members, outreach to allies, and more. Learn more about the timeline, Campaign Criteria and process in these slides


Important dates (attendance may be decided by chapters/teams for some gatherings):


The MALT’s Strategy and Planning Workgroup has refined four Campaign Criteria for developing statewide campaigns:

Mothers’ Voices 

  • Raises up the Mother’s Voice for a livable climate for all children
  • Draws on mothers’ values and passions

Meaningful impact 

  • Moves us forward significantly toward our five-year vision for Massachusetts
  • Focuses on goals for the next two years that are bold, yet achievable and measurable
  • Connects to people’s lives in a concrete way

Builds our power 

  • Attracts new members, engages volunteers, and develops new leaders 
  • Creates strong potential for working in coalitions with others to grow power together 
  • Offers opportunities for chapters to participate at the state level and to do local work in alignment with the campaign

Environmental justice

  • Impacts communities equitably
  • Lifts up the voices of frontline communities

To learn more, see the slides and join the upcoming workshop:


Campaign Criteria Workshop on Monday, September 14 

RSVP for one of two times.

Afternoon: 12:00-1:30 pm

Evening: 7:00-8:30 pm

This workshop will be led by Janet Groat and Strategy workgroup members. It is for any Mothers Out Front member interested in learning what we mean by the criteria, whether you’re thinking about a statewide campaign or just want to wrap your head around translating these ideas into goals and actions.

Based on our new charter, the MALT not only sets the stage, but makes some of the decisions about campaign development. So talk with your representative to be a part of this. We welcome your active participation.

MALT Strategy and Planning workgroup:

  • Ann Boland - Arlington Chapter
  • Renu Bostwick - Bedford Chapter
  • Jen Dieter - Concord Chapter
  • Janet Groat - Massachusetts Organizing Manager
  • Mina Reddy - Environmental Justice Resource Team
  • Andra Rose - Amherst Chapter

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