We are Cambridge mothers, grandmothers, and others working together to ensure a livable climate and sustainable future for the generations ahead of us. Along the way, we’re building community, forging partnerships, and empowering ourselves and one another.

We are fueled by a sense of urgency and by the fierce force of mother love. We’ve found that together we can stand up, speak out, and join hands to work for a renewable energy future.

Please jump in and join us! Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you promptly. Read our latest newsletter here. And check our calendar for upcoming events; you are always welcome!

Our Current Campaign: Green Roofs for Cambridge



Mothers Out Front Cambridge wants our city's buildings to have pollinator gardens, meadows, and farms on their roofs. Watch the video, above, to see this vision come to life—with soaring shots of Cambridge's black rooftops set against stunning photographs and videos of vibrant green rooftops in many other U.S. cities.

Washington, DC; Portland, Oregon; and New York City are among the cities that have taken the lead in greening roofs. Cambridge should join in.

We want the City Council to pass a revised ordinance to require vegetative rooftops and/or solar panels on new construction over a certain size, along with significant renovation projects. 

Rooftop plantings:

  • absorb carbon dioxide
  • cool urban heat islands
  • conserve a building’s energy use by providing insulation
  • reduce flooding by holding rainwater
  • provide urban habitats for pollinators
  • can include food crops—providing local healthful produce

Solar panels:

  • generate clean, renewable energy, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels

There are also benefits to combining vegetation and solar panels—a great combo!

  • A solar array’s efficiency can be increased by up to 16% if vegetation is planted within it. In return, the panels help shade and protect the plants.

We’d welcome your help with this campaign, as we raise awareness among Cambridge residents, create partnerships with allies, and persuade the city to take action.

  • Contact us at [email protected] for more information about the Green Roofs team and the campaign.
  • Follow the campaign on our Facebook page
  • And join the conversation on Twitter using #GreenRoofsCambridge

What We’ve Accomplished So Far

  • Since 2015, we’ve been working closely with the city to “green our grid,” increasing the amount of renewable sources providing our electricity. In June 2017, the city launched Cambridge Community Electricity, which automatically provides about 14% local green electricity to businesses and households, with the option for customers to opt up to 100% green.
  • In 2016, we launched a Gas Leaks Campaign, working with the Cambridge Department of Public Works and Eversource on an innovative project to identify and fix gas leaks.
  • Our 2018 Bringing Paris Home campaign was our response to the national decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords. We’ve been partnering with Green Cambridge, 350-Mass, and Neighborhood Solar to promote the 100% opt-up electricity program and to publicize free home energy assessments and opportunities for rooftop solar.
  • We’ve spread the word and made connections by hosting house parties, tabling at community events, speaking at community gatherings, canvassing door to door, and holding community meetings. We’ve spoken at city council meetings, met with city officials, written letters, and made phone calls.


To learn more, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you promptly! Or contact us at: [email protected].


We look forward to working together to build a clean energy future!

And Please Be Sure to Opt Up to 100% Green Electricity

  • By opting up to 100% Green Plus, Cambridge residents increase the amount of renewable energy in the city’s supplies and help build local solar arrays.
  • To opt up, have your electric bill on hand and go to or call 866-968-8065.






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