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Welcome to the Supermom Challenge!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to motivate one or more constituents of State Representative Carolyn Dykema, the House Vice-Chair of the TUE (Telecommunications, Energy and Utilities Committee). We know that Rep Dykema wants to pass some of the climate bills in her committee, but needs to hear from her constituents that they care. As a leader in the House, Rep Dykema is in a key role to move Massachusetts swiftly and boldly toward fair climate solutions.

The TUE is the committee where the fate of the carbon pricing bill H.2810 and the FUTURE bill H.2849, and other bold climate change bills, will be decided. We need the TUE to vote these bills favorably out of committee by February 5th. There are sometimes extensions, which would give us more time for this Supermom Challenge, but that's not what we're asking for.

Rep Dykema's district includes Holliston, Hopkinton, Southborough and part of Westborough; it's where 495 and the Pike intersect. Neighboring communities are Framingham, Milford, Marlborough (see map below).

Think about who you know in Rep Dykema's district, or who you know nearby who might know someone there. Call them and email them now with this important request for raising their voice about climate change. 

All they have to do is give their name and where they live, and ask her to pass bold climate legislation now! 

Representative Carolyn Dykema(617) 722-2680, [email protected]

Here's a sample call script or email (Subject line for email: Please pass climate change bills):

Representative Dykema, I'm [calling/emailing] because I know you care about taking action on climate change. My name is_________ and I live in ________. I'm very concerned about climate change because [Your reasons, like: I'm a parent, grandparent/I see the destruction in the world/I worry about the burden we're leaving to future generations]. Please do all you can to pass bold climate bills now. Thank you, [Your name, address, phone number]

Ask them to let you know after they call or send an email and thank them profusely (would they like to be on the Mothers Out Front mailing list?). Please let Andra know what happened, at [email protected]

Need ideas for finding people? Announce the challenge and towns in her district at services and events. Post on Facebook and search Facebook for the towns and see if any of your connections live or work there or nearby. Ask them to help you connect with someone they know in Dykema's district.


Questions, ideas? Contact Andra [email protected]

Will you volunteer?

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