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Action Alert: Urging MA House Ways & Means Committee members to raise RPS annual increase to 3%


Thank you to everyone who’s been calling for more clean energy, and welcome to anyone who can make a call for the first time. Can you help with one more push for more clean energy?  Please join us in taking action - every call matters!

One of the most important tools we have in Massachusetts to fight climate change is the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). This law requires utilities to phase-out their use of fossil fuels and replace them with more renewable energy every year.

Our message: Expert analyses have shown that we need to increase our renewable energy portfolio by 3% per year. Right now, the RPS bill has an incremental increase that only takes us to 2% - not enough to meet our urgent need to ensure a livable climate for our children!

Please call two leaders of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee that determines what bills go to the House for a vote.

Click the name below to make and log your call to that Representative!



Source:  Hubspot: Mass Energy Consumer's Alliance, Author: Eugenia Gibbons. 

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