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Call and Email Your Representative!

We still need to get our priority bills out of the Telecommunications, Energy and Utilities Committee (TUE). The House members of the TUE Committee extended the deadline for their report on the FUTURE Act until June 4th. We want the bill reported favorably out of the committee as soon as possible. We are still asking Representatives in the House to reach out to the TUE Committee Chair Rep Thomas Golden about our support for the bill. We also ask that you reach out to constituents in other parts of the state where there may not be a strong climate voice to contact their Representatives. 

See sample email and call script below. 

Find your Rep's phone number and email here.

Sample Email text or Call Script

Email subject line: In support of H.2849 and H.2810 

Dear Representative _________,

I am urgently concerned about the climate crisis and the health of my children and grandchildren, and the burden they will bear, if we don't act boldly now. I support H.2849, the FUTURE Act, and H.2810, the carbon pollution pricing bill.

Will you please let Representatives Golden and Dykema know that your constituents want these bills, and other bold climate bills, reported favorably out of the TUE in time to pass this session?

I support H.2810 because it will ensure:

  • An effective and equitable price on carbon covering transportation and fossil fuel use in buildings
  • Protection and benefits for low to moderate income households, rural residents, and export-driven
  • Investment of 30% of all revenue in local clean transportation, resiliency, and renewable energy projects.

I support H.2849, the FUTURE Act, because it will ensure:

  • OUR SAFETY NOW: TRIAGE our leaking and hazardous gas system. We cannot move
    forward to the future without always, first, minimizing the risks today.
  • A BETTER FUTURE: TRANSITION our gas system beyond gas:
    • Allow gas companies to sell utility-scale renewable thermal energy.
    • Include gas companies in the Alternative Portfolio Standard.
    • Allow pipe replacement plans to include utility-scale renewable thermal pipes.
  • IMPROVED DECISION MAKING: INCLUDE climate impacts as well as public health and
    safety in energy decisions at the Department of Public Utilities.

Please take my message to the TUE leadership, for all our children.

Thank you,





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