Call script for S2477 amendments

The Massachusetts Senate leadership released the Next Generation Climate bills on January 23rd. Mothers Out Front supports the bills with the selected amendments below. We are calling our Senators to ask for their support for our priority amendments. If you are a constituent of Senator Barrett, who wrote the bills, use the script here.

If your Senator filed one of our priority amendments (Senators Creem, Feeney, Chang-Diaz, Eldridge, Freidman, Lewis, Comerford), please thank them! To see if your Senator filed one of the other amendments of 123 filed, click here

The script below just refers to the amendments in a general way. Information about each amendment is here. You don’t have to provide all that information because they should have received an email from your team with all the amendments. So ask them if they did (if they didn’t, check with your team coordinators or email the list to your Senator), and then just say in your own words something like:

Hello my name is___  I am from ___ and a constituent of Senator ________. Congratulations to the Senate for introducing such strong and far-reaching climate legislation [and many thanks to the Senator for filing important amendments].

I’m calling because the climate crisis is upon us and my children’s future is threatened. I ask for the Senator's support of several amendments to S.2477, An Act Setting Next Generation Climate Policy. Did your office receive Mothers Out Front’s priority amendments by email already? [If not, I’ll make sure you get the list.]

First, please support the 7 amendments that make sure that the carbon pollution pricing in the bill is effective and equitable.

Second, please support the 10 amendments filed by Senator Creem to catalyze the transition to clean thermal energy and ensuring that gas companies are accountable. 

Third, please support amendments that promote environmental justice.

Will you let me know if the Senator will support the Mothers Out Front amendments?

Thank you. Have a good day.


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