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Talking points for the AG’s office when calling about the National Grid Algonquin 14-year contract.

Call AG Healey’s Energy and Environment Bureau - (617) 727-2200

  • The Agreement Represents a Costly Supply Option. National Grid used a formulary to project need that would be almost impossible to replicate in a typical meteorological year.  By doing so, they overestimate the need for gas. 
  • The Company Did Not Adequately Explore the Potential Alternatives to the Agreement. National Grid relied upon a two-year-old Request for Proposal that had different delivery points and different demand objectives for this new agreement. The demand for gas has decreased in those two years and is likely to decrease even more over the next 14 years. NG also refuted its own usage of LNG in other areas as being adequate to fulfill demand should supplies fall short.
  • The Company Fails to Show the Agreement is Consistent with the Global Warming Solutions Act. National Grid did not show how this agreement is consistent with decreasing emissions as required by the GWSA. Using only a comparison between oil and gas, NG neglected to show how increased gas usage would compare to alternatives such as solar or wind power.
  • The agreement unfairly taxes the gas ratepayers of the Fore River Basin and the Commonwealth. By “taxing” the ratepayers for gas that they will not receive from the Weymouth compressor station, it is not only unfair but illegal to force the ratepayers to pay for something from which they receive no benefit. The “Compressor Tax” should not stand!


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