Brookline teams participates in 4 events during the 2017 Climate Week in Brookline

Our Mothers Out Front Brookline team participated in Brookline's Climate Week this year, taking part in 4 events.  We started off in early March with a library display: 

Retrospective at the Library

Sarah, Cathy and Joan put together an informative retrospective on the gas leaks work in Massachusetts, displayed at the Brookline Main Library in March and April.

Climate Cafe

Anne Goodwin (left), a Mothers Out Front state-level volunteer presented her story at the Climate Cafe on Tuesday night, March 28.  Daria (right) and Kathleen (not pictured) talked to participants about he gas leaks issue, clean electricity and the fight for a just and livable future.

Activism in Towns

It was standing room only at the Activism in Towns meeting on Wednesday night, March 29.  Our Brookline team,  with Audrey Schulman from and Nathan Philips from BU,  spoke about the gas leaks issue and the possible solutions/advances that can be made to decrease the enormous amounts of methane gas escaping from underground pipes.

Activism in Towns


3R Depot

Our Brookline team took part in the 3R Depot.  Members braved sleet and freezing rain to get to the Pierce School venue.  Alex, Margaret, Ana, Chen, Jenny, Daria, Mary and two young friends participated in the first two hours of tabling.

Youth in Action

The crowning moment of Climate Week for us was our Youth in Action event: six young leaders working on climate problems all in their own ways.  We left motivated, inspired, energized.  

The full Facebook Album of this event.

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