Brookline Team at the People's Climate March 2014

Four of our community team leaders attended the People's Climate March in NYC on September 21st, 2014.  It was an incredible day: community and organizers from all over the world came together to sound one very loud call for action.  

The march stretched for miles along the streets of Manhattan, starting west of Central Park and ending on 34th Street.   Mothers Out Front had over 50 supporters carrying signs and walking proudly for our joint cause. 

Here are some pictures: 


Team Leaders Daria Mark and Cathy Loula arrive at the People's Climate March at the 86th street entrance.  Even at 12, half an hour after the start of the march, people were streaming into the last entrance to line up.



L to R: Cathy Loula, Kathleen Scanlon, Laura Aronson, Tracie Burns and Daria Mark line up to march with Mothers Out Front at the historic People's Climate March.



The People's Climate March stretching on for miles with groups and organizations from all over the globe uniting for a call to action. 


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