Brookline Team Accomplishments

Since the formation of the Brookline team in 2014, we have worked to promote clean electricity and decrease the use of fossil fuels in Brookline and Massachusetts. Here are some of the things that we have accomplished: 

  • Clean Energy with Mass Energy Consumers' Alliance
    • Posted 700 door hangers and 30 lawn signs as part of our green electricity campaign
    • Analyzed signup data with Mass Energy to target neighborhoods to add more lawn signs.
  • Climate Week 2016
    • Hosted a panel and seminar with gas leaks experts
    • Organized a gas leaks scavenger hunt and social media contest
    • Participated in an Interfaith event
  • Green Energy in Brookline (Community Choice Aggregation)
    • Worked with the Brookline Selectmen's Climate Action Committee and other allies.
    • Testified at Town Meeting
  • Successfully Petitioned Brookline’s Board of Selectmen to pass a resolution in support of statewide legislation for the energy bill.
  • Launched our Brookline Community Talks Series
    • Ania Camargo gave a talk about methane gas leaks in Brookline.  Here is her presentation.
    • 2 talks in 2017 will focus on trees, climate change and methane and heating your home without natural gas or other fossil fuels.

Past Events

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