Mothers from Brookline go to WBUR

Several Brookline team members attended a sold-out climate event on 11/13 at WBUR in Boston, focused on the City of Boston’s Carbon-Free by 2050 Plan. The event was introduced by Mothers Out Front member Ania Camargo of Boston, who is also a member of WBUR’s Executive Advisory Council.

Joan Miller, Diane Sokal and Anne Sudduth at the WBUR event.

Brookline Green Electricity offers 100% renewables

For residents and business owners in Brookline looking to take personal action to combat climate change, support renewable electricity development, transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, and eliminate tons of carbon dioxide emissions, we encourage you and your Brookline friends, neighbors, colleagues, and business owners to OPT UP to Brookline All Green.

Brookline 100% renewable electricity opt up banner

Brookline All Green is the 100% renewable electricity option of the municipal program in Brookline that adds an extra 25% renewable electricity supply to your Eversource electric mix (unless you opted out). By opting up to Brookline All Green you can make your electricity supply 100% renewable. This is the simplest and most cost-effective step that you can take TODAY to fight climate change!

We've created the email below if you would like to encourage others to go 100%. Here are the instructions:

  • Copy and paste the text and graphic into a new email message to residents and business owners in Brookline. It’s fine if they receive the same email from multiple sources.
  • Write your own opening sentence, such as “I signed up for Brookline All Green, the town wide 100% green electricity program. Find out below how you can too.” or “Climate change is an important concern of mine. Please consider joining this great program available in the Town of Brookline.”
  • You can send as a single group email (with bcc addresses), or you can send separate emails with individual salutations. Keep track of who you send this to for follow-up.
  • Be sure to add your name in the signature at the bottom of the email.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions and thanks for your help spreading the message,

Diane Sokal for Mothers Out Front and Mary Dewart for Climate Action Brookline

Green House Fest this weekend

Green House Fest ( is almost here  27 homes, 59 different installations, 10 different features including electric cars, induction stoves, induction cooking parties, on-demand water heaters, solar panels, heat pumps, energy monitoring, and on-demand water heating. 

We started the planning for this tour with the heating question how do heat pumps work, can we change our homes to electric heating using heat pumps, and what experiences can families who live in homes with heat pumps share with us? 

Brookline Community Team Plans "Green" House Fest on April 8

Members of the Brookline Community Team are currently working to prepare the first-ever "Green House Fest," which will take place during Climate Week in April.  Modeled on Brookline's well-received "Porch Fest" performing arts events, the "Green" House Fest is designed to allow people who are interested in energy efficiency to learn about

Brookline launches energy efficiency effort with Community Meeting

More than 40 people attended a presentation by Daria Mark, leader of the Mothers Out Front statewide Task Force on Renewables, on Tuesday, November 7, 2017, at the Coolidge Corner library.   In an hour-long talk, Mark reviewed concrete steps that people can take in order to reduce energy use in the home.  These steps range from replacing light bulbs and washing clothes in cold water, to replacing oil or gas-burning boilers with heat pumps.  Mark detailed the cost savings associated with each step, and the importance of reducing energy usage to fight climate change.
Daria Mark presents energy efficiency in Brookline

Methane Gas Leaks in Brookline have been tagged

There are over 250 active gas leaks in Brookline, making our town the 2nd highest in the state in gas leaks per mile.  On Saturday, May 13th we tagged over 100 gas leaks in every precinct. Read our fact sheet on why gas leaks are important and what you can do to get them fixed.

Persistent gas leak in front of my house

A few days ago, Brookline resident Carrie Bell reached out to us for help with her gas leak problem.   Here is her letter about the gas leak on Walnut St that her neighborhood has been trying to get fixed.

We renovated a beautiful 1852 house on Walnut Street, Brookline, and moved there in August  2013. We live between Lincoln School and the reservoir,  so there is a lot of daily foot traffic. There is a persistent gas smell on the sidewalk in front of our house.

Katie Bacon LTE + Gas Leaks Tagging May 13th 2017

One of our members, Katie Bacon, wrote the following letter to the editor in our Brookline Tab on the gas leaks problem. We'll be tagging Brookline Gas leaks next Saturday, May 13th. Our goal is to raise awareness of the extent of the gas leak issue, ask participants to sign postcards to Governor Baker 

Brookline teams participates in 4 events during the 2017 Climate Week in Brookline

Our Mothers Out Front Brookline team participated in Brookline's Climate Week this year, taking part in 4 events.  We started off in early March with a library display: 

Retrospective at the Library

Sarah, Cathy and Joan put together an informative retrospective on the gas leaks work in Massachusetts, displayed at the Brookline Main Library in March and April.

New pipeline will be unnecessary as soon as it's built

A new report by Synapse Energy Economics released on February 7th, 2017 shows that the new natural gas pipeline project advanced by Governor Baker and his administration will cost twice as much as proponents suggest and be unnecessary within a few years of completion.