Brookline launches energy efficiency effort with Community Meeting

More than 40 people attended a presentation by Daria Mark, leader of the Mothers Out Front statewide Task Force on Renewables, on Tuesday, November 7, 2017, at the Coolidge Corner library.   In an hour-long talk, Mark reviewed concrete steps that people can take in order to reduce energy use in the home.  These steps range from replacing light bulbs and washing clothes in cold water, to replacing oil or gas-burning boilers with heat pumps.  Mark detailed the cost savings associated with each step, and the importance of reducing energy usage to fight climate change.
Daria Mark presents energy efficiency in Brookline

After her talk, audience members broke out into four groups, based on their type of dwelling, to brainstorm ways to implement energy-saving measures in their homes.  Participants identified 53 different actions to investigate in order to increase energy efficiency, and committed to pursuing these plans.

Top 10 Ways to Conserve Energy:

  1. Use only LED light bulbs
  2. Install smart power strips to remove phantom loads
  3. Wash clothes in cold water and hang clothes to dry
  4. Use a programmable thermostat to reduce temperatures by 8 - 10 degrees when out or sleeping
  5. Use only one refrigerator
  6. Choose EnergyStar appliances
  7. Convert to tankless heat when your water heater breaks
  8. Cook with an electric or induction stove, rather than “natural” gas
  9. Insulate your home
  10. Heat and cool with a heat pump

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