Brookline Green Electricity offers 100% renewables

For residents and business owners in Brookline looking to take personal action to combat climate change, support renewable electricity development, transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, and eliminate tons of carbon dioxide emissions, we encourage you and your Brookline friends, neighbors, colleagues, and business owners to OPT UP to Brookline All Green.

Brookline 100% renewable electricity opt up banner

Brookline All Green is the 100% renewable electricity option of the municipal program in Brookline that adds an extra 25% renewable electricity supply to your Eversource electric mix (unless you opted out). By opting up to Brookline All Green you can make your electricity supply 100% renewable. This is the simplest and most cost-effective step that you can take TODAY to fight climate change!

We've created the email below if you would like to encourage others to go 100%. Here are the instructions:

  • Copy and paste the text and graphic into a new email message to residents and business owners in Brookline. It’s fine if they receive the same email from multiple sources.
  • Write your own opening sentence, such as “I signed up for Brookline All Green, the town wide 100% green electricity program. Find out below how you can too.” or “Climate change is an important concern of mine. Please consider joining this great program available in the Town of Brookline.”
  • You can send as a single group email (with bcc addresses), or you can send separate emails with individual salutations. Keep track of who you send this to for follow-up.
  • Be sure to add your name in the signature at the bottom of the email.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions and thanks for your help spreading the message,

Diane Sokal for Mothers Out Front and Mary Dewart for Climate Action Brookline

Dear Brookline friends and neighbors,

Are you concerned about climate change but don’t know what you can do to help? Did you know that the town-sponsored program Brookline All Green offers 100% renewable electricity from local clean energy sources? It’s quick and easy to join your neighbors to OPT UP to Brookline All Green at – a simple action that you can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the impacts of climate change.

Brookline’s Green Electricity program ( provides residents and businesses access to clean, renewable energy sources including wind and solar power, billed directly through your monthly Eversource bill. Through bulk purchasing, the Town program offers environmentally friendly renewable electricity from local sources at cost-saving rates. When you OPT UP, something as ordinary as paying your electric bill can have an extraordinary impact on the environment.

The advantages of Brookline All Green include:

  • 100% clean, green renewable energy sourced in New England through Mass Energy
  • Competitive pricing through a bulk-purchased “Community Choice Aggregation” program
  • Tax deduction opportunities for the green portion of your electricity cost
  • Assurance of a program that has been vetted by state authorities, not one of the “predatory companies” cited by the MA Attorney General who are contacting residents to switch electricity suppliers.

TO OPT UP to Brookline All Green, please visit the Town’s website or call 866-220-5696, M-F, 9am - 8pm. Be sure to have your Eversource electric bill account number in hand.

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY OPTED UP to Brookline All Green: Thank you! Please check the back side of your Eversource bill to verify your enrollment. The Brookline All Green rate should appear as 0.13198 and the Supplier as Dynegy (they work locally with Mass Energy). If your bill does not show these details, then follow the instructions above to OPT UP.

Eversource bill showing 100% Opt Up

Mothers Out Front Brookline and Climate Action Brookline (CAB) are encouraging our friends to OPT UP to Brookline All Green. Over 500 households and businesses have already selected 100% renewable energy sources through Brookline All Green. Our goal is to at least double this number by the end of 2018 – please join us and OPT UP!

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