Brookline Community Team Plans "Green" House Fest on April 8

Members of the Brookline Community Team are currently working to prepare the first-ever "Green House Fest," which will take place during Climate Week in April.  Modeled on Brookline's well-received "Porch Fest" performing arts events, the "Green" House Fest is designed to allow people who are interested in energy efficiency to learn about
options for conservation from other members of their community.   Brookline homeowners who have installed features such as solar panels, electric cars, heat pumps, on-demand water heaters, and home energy-use monitors will open their homes from noon to 3 pm to provide information, advice,  and first-hand experience to anyone who is interested.  Participants in the event will have access to both a print map and an on-line guide to locations taking part.  This event is designed to allow people concerned about climate change to share information at a grassroots level, and empower others to act effectively.   We believe that neighbors talking to neighbors can be a powerful tool for change!  
"Green" House Fest will be free and open to the public. This event is part of Brookline Climate Week 2018. 

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