Brookline Bike Parade 2014

Brookline Mothers Out Front at the Bike Parade

May 18th, 2014

Amory Park, Brookline, MA

The Brookline team's first public event was at the Brookline Bike Parade.  Hundreds of bikers, kids and adults alike, gathered to bike along Beacon St, Brookline's main thoroughfare.  The team had an amazing day and asked 30+ people to switch to clean energy with Mother Out Front!  Almost everyone who came to the table did not know that they could purchase 100% Massachusetts wind power for their homes, apartments, and condos.  This was a very empowering event: we let people know that they can choose clean power even if they live in a condo or rent an apartment. 

Some pictures from the event: 


Left to right: Daria Mark, Kathleen Scanlon and Tracie Burns start off the bike parade.


Left to right: Sarah Kitterman, Daria Mark, Lynn O'Kelley, Cathy Loula and Kathleen Scanlon pose for a group picture during the second half of the bike parade.

Here is a video of the event created by the Brookline Interactive Group: 


Mothers Out Front team at the Brookline Bike Parade: Kathleen Scanlon, Lynn O'Kelly, Cathy Loula,  Tracie Burns, Sarah Kitterman and Daria Mark.

Big thanks to Jocelyn Sand for picking up materials in Cambridge to make this event possible. 

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