Break Out Session Descriptions - 2018 MA Annual Assembly


Introduction to Public Narrative - Telling Your Story  

Mothers Out Front is known for heartfelt and persuasive public testimonies from a mother's point of view. There are simple building blocks to constructing a powerful personal story or Public Narrative. This workshop  will introduce you to how to write your own personal story to use when you stand up to protect our children’s future. Recommended for: Those who have not participated in a Public Narrative training. If you’d like more in-depth work and feedback on a personal narrative you’ve already worked on, please sign up for the afternoon Public Narrative Practice and Coaching workshop.


Strategy and Campaign Planning  

Good planning leads to more powerful impact to make the changes we want to see. How do you choose an issue for action and plan an effective campaign? What’s the difference between a goal, a tactic, and a strategy? How do  “people” goals and “impact” goals interact? How do you set an achievable and inspiring goal that draws new people into your team and sets you up for a bigger win next time? Recommended for: Everyone.


One-to-One Meetings: Building Power Through Relationships and Commitment

One-to-one meetings are a powerful way to develop leadership in your community and build relationships that drive campaigns forward. Our movement began when two mothers talked face to face about their passions and fears, and relational meetings remain at the heart of our organizing. In this session, we will practice having one-to-one meetings that are meaningful and productive, discuss the importance of relationships in our local organizing, and share best practices for follow up and transforming connection into action. Recommended for: Everyone.


Tools for Leadership

Mothers Out Front invites us all to see ourselves as leaders and take responsibility for our movement. This session will offer perspectives and practical tools for leadership gained from our own leaders’ experiences, focusing particularly on facilitating meetings that are inclusive, welcoming, and fun, but also touching on other leadership skills such as engaging volunteers, acting as a coach, and sharing co-leadership. Recommended for: Everyone, especially team coordinators, coaches, and leaders of subgroups.


Newcomers’ Circle: Introduction to Mothers Out Front

Are you brand new to Mothers Out Front, or still feeling new? Learn about Mothers Out Front’s mission, organization, approach to building power, history and who’s who, with lots of time for questions and answers. Recommended for Newcomers.


LUNCH TOPIC TABLES: (Optional, no registration required). Meet with others who share a common interest such as:

  • Net Zero campaigns
  • Energy Efficiency Campaigns
  • New Teams
  • ...and other topics that emerge during the morning





Ending Divisions Toward a United Environmental Justice Movement

Visiting leaders from Sustaining All Life will offer topic groups for us to further explore and practice replicable approaches to ending the effects of racism and other oppressions. Topics are listed below. Recommended for: Everyone.

  • Deepening relationships between Mothers of Color/Global Majority and White Mothers;
  • Building alliances and deepening connections across class, race and ethnicity within the climate justice movement;
  • Remaining hopeful in the face of the massive challenge of ending climate change;
  • Women of Color/Global Majority being central/leading in Mothers Out Front and throughout the climate justice movement;
  • White women ending the effects of racism on our lives, social networks, relationships, teams and MA Mothers Out Front.


Grow Your Community Team by  Bringing People into Deeper Engagement  

How do we bring people in and get them engaged in our movement? How do we draw people from the periphery to the center of our teams?  Learn from team leaders about things that have worked in their communities -- such as social events, one-to-one meetings, buddy systems, connecting with newcomers, and creative meeting schedules. Recommended for: Everyone


What’s Going on in Our Statewide Campaigns?

Our statewide goal, set two years ago, is to end new fossil fuel infrastructure and increase renewable energy by 2018, by targeting the utilities. We have made real progress toward this goal with our local Gas Leaks, Community Choice Electricity and Net Zero projects, and our statewide Gas Leaks, Pipelines, and Efficiency and Renewables Task Force projects.  Learn more about what’s happening all over the state! Recommended for: Everyone, especially newcomers.


Strategic Communication Skills

Communications are central to the success of our work and necessary to plan as you develop an event or campaign. Learn to use strategic communications as an integral part of your campaigns to amplify your work and bring greater success.

  • target your message to decision makers
  • reach more mothers and allies
  • use social media and other digital channels for a wider audience
  • plan for earned media coverage


Public Narrative Practice & Coaching

If you have already done some work on your Public Narrative, and want to develop it more, this session is for you. We will focus on in-depth work on your own personal story, as well as coaching and supporting others as they work on their own narratives. Recommended for: Those who have participated in a Public Narrative training before (in the morning session or another time).

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