Books about Soil Regeneration

These books relate to soil regeneration and carbon drawdown. Each is easy to read, though some contain scientific details. Most are available in public libraries.

Members of our Regenerating Earth’s Carbon Sponge Study Group read a book together between their in-person gatherings. Listed below are those books, listed by the month of our gathering.

Book Suggestions:

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Currently Reading:

     Eager, by Ben Goldfarb


Book suggestions:

Drawdown, by Paul Harken

Addresses the concept of drawing carbon from the atmosphere and regenerating it in the soil. Each of the book’s topics appears as a two-page spread, accompanied by pictures. Many of the carbon-drawdown changes are happening now.


Feral, by George Monbiot

Focus is on on-going movements throughout the world to 're-wild' nature; wonderful examples of how we bring back animals that are key to healing the earth.


Growing a Revolution, by David Montgomery


The Soil Will Save Us, by Kristin Ohlson


Holistic Management, by Allan Savory

Examines, with fairly technical details, rotational grazing, but it is worth a try.  


Cows Save the Planet, by Judith Schwartz


Water in Plain Sight, by Judith Schwartz


Seaweed Chronicles, by Susan Hand Shetterly

This book is set on the Gulf of Maine.


The Hidden Life of Trees, by Peter Wohlleben


The Ecology of Care: Medicine, Agriculture, Money, and the Quiet Power of Human Microbial Communities, by Didi Pershouse

After Hurricane Irene devastated much in Vermont, where she lives, the author drew many comparisons between her practice of holistic health care and holistic care of the earth. She speaks globally on regenerating soil.


“The Carbon Sequestering Garden booklet, by Allison Houghton

Published by the Northeast Organic Farming Association Mass. Chapter (NOFA/Mass.) and available at this link:

(Thank you to Jane Hammer for this suggestion!)

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