Renewables Task Force collecting info about energy efficiency - preparing for tour!

From Daria Mark - Volunteer Lead - Renewables Task Force

"December 7, 2017 - This morning a group of us talked to WegoWise about their software for Water, Electricity, Gas and Oil use monitoring. Wegowise started with a project with MassSave for affordable housing buildings in MA and are now nationwide using their software as a tool to cut cost, which comes with cutting fossil fuel use, and thus, carbon. Do you monitor your energy use? An app? A software? The Renewables Task Force which I lead is rolling out energy efficiency presentations all around the state and we'd love to have a way to track what our participants are doing for carbon reductions."

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Letter: Paola Massoli: No need for pipelines or natural gas plants

Here's one mother's view of our use of "natural" gas:

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Because We All Love Our Children

With gratitude to our friend and ally, Audrey Schulman of HEET and the Barr Foundation for this outstanding blog post about our collective efforts in Massachusetts to #FixBigGasleaks.

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In An Unlikely Partnership, Local Environmentalists And Utilities Work Together To Reduce Gas Leaks

Find out what unlikely partners with common goals have accomplished in MA in this WGBH News coverage!

"For years, Shulman’s organization and another environmental advocacy group called Mothers Out Front have been trying to get the gas companies to do something about the leaks. Initially, getting the utility’s cooperation was a challenge..."

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WBUR - Boston Begins Effort To Become Carbon Neutral By 2050


Read the article below!

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TONIGHT: LIVESTREAMING Amherst, Mass Celebrates Barring Fossil Fuels In New Municipal Buildings










November 13, 2017

Contact: Andra Rose,,  413-687-0019

             Christopher Riddle,

             Lee Jennings,,  413-549-3929


Media Advisory: Monday Action Celebrating Amherst, MA Vote to Bar Fossil Fuel Use In New Municipal Buildings

What: Area Zero Energy Building Campaign Action to thank Town Meeting members and enlist help for long haul support of Zero Energy Buildings after successful vote on Nov. 8.

Where: Amherst, MA Middle School, 170 Chestnut St., Amherst, MA

When: Monday, November 13, 2017, 6:30 PM - 7:00 PM, prior to Town Meeting.



BEDFORD: Net Zero Funding Approved in Article 2

"Bedford Mothers Out Front is pleased to report that Bedford’s Special Town Meeting approved funding to develop a Net Zero plan for Bedford. So many voters attended on Monday night, Nov 6, that they overflowed the high school auditorium and had to be accommodated in the library and additional classrooms."

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Youth Stand in at the State House

Several Mothers Out Front from MA were at the State House on November 7th for the Youth Stand-in. Randi’s daughter April gave an amazing speech expressing the urgency of acting now for climate change in the face of worsened natural disasters and melting ice caps. I was inspired by these children—from elementary-aged kids to college students—telling the governor that this is not a future problem, this is a now problem, and we need to act. They asked him to be the first governor to promise no new fossil fuel infrastructure in the state. 


My little one was kind of tired….but you can still help with a sign sitting down.


By Beth Rodio, MA Mother Out Front

Bedford Residents Demand Gov. Baker Take Action to End New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

Mothers Out Front Janet Powers and Dorothy Anderson-Perales joined the Mass. Power Forward allies to stand in at the MA State House:

"Over the course of seven weeks over 100 residents have joined the lunch hour stand-ins outside the Governor’s office. Said Janet Powers 'We’ll keep coming back until the Governor does the right thing. The gas pipelines and power plants he supports are not needed, hurt our communities and cost us billions.'”

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Mothers Out Front at the Gas Leaks Briefing at MA State House

Our Gas Leaks Legislative Briefing at the State House (10/31) drew a great audience of senators, representatives, and their staff.

Zeyneb Magavi, Research Lead and Coordinator of Cambridge Mothers Out Front, presented the outcomes of our study to identify the biggest gas leaks.