Zero Energy Communities in Amherst

Mothers Out Front Amherst organized an event with Darren Port of the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP). He spoke to an audience of 30 about communities using energy efficiency and renewables to get to Zero Energy.




LTE! Urge DeLeo to show commitment to “The Environmental Bond”

Mother Out Front Suzanne Hitchcock-Bryan was published! Her Letter to the Editor calls on Speaker Deleo to honor his commitment to prioritizing health and public safety.

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TWO Letters to the Editor by Mothers Out Front Volunteers

Mothers Out Front volunteers Viki Bok and Andee Krasner #UsedTheirMomVoice and sent in Letters to the Editor on two topics close to their hearts: questioning the need for "natural" gas pipelines and supporting an annual RPS increase of 3%.

Read the 3rd and 5th letters entitled: "It is time to stop talking about more pipelines" and "Clean energy is the answer."

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Winter Open House with the Jamaica Plain Team

On January 28th, the Jamaica Plain Mothers Out Front team continued its tradition of hosting a winter open house – a chance to meet neighbors, introduce Mothers Out Front, share stories, and hear informally from a local speaker, the perfect cure for New England winter doldrums. Viki Bok hosted our first such event a couple of years ago in the midst of a snowstorm, which even with the weather attracted some very motivated newcomers to our team. 




LTE: More gas pipelines are not the answer (Boston Globe)

For a Mother's voice on our energy infrastructure, read the second Letter to the Editor published in the Boston Globe by Mother Out Front Co-founder and Chair Kelsey Wirth: More Gas Pipelines are Not the Answer.

"Building more pipelines is the wrong investment for our children. We should, and must, be investing in energy efficiency and clean energy. The implications of our energy choices today for the future habitability of our planet are simply too great."

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Cambridge Team's Community Focus Group

Thank you Kristine Jelstrup for this report in from the Cambridge, MA Team:

Cambridge Mothers Out Front held a focus group at the Community Learning Center with 10 immigrant women. It was an engaging meeting and we learned a lot. Major concerns for these women were air pollution, natural disasters, weird weather, energy conservation and a safe and healthy climate in which their children can grow and thrive. They encouraged us to spread awareness and knowledge in immigrant communities by going to places where people live or gather. 


        MA_CambridgeTeam_CommLearningCenter_Feb2018_IMG_2003_C.jpg MA_CambridgeTeam_CommLearningCenter_Feb2018_IMG_2001_C.jpg

Somerville Climate Social to tackle environmental concerns

Somerville Mother Out Front Randi Soltysiak reminds us about the power of relationships in our work:

“Tonight is about relationship building and getting a chance to get to know one another,” said Randi, a member of the Somerville chapter of Mothers Out Front. “We’ll be able to work together better. Tonight, and a lot of the time we get together to do work, it tends to be kind of the same folks, and it’s on us — a lot of our work is to make more relationships with people we don’t know yet.”

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Two NEW Teams in Ipswich and Gloucester!

Read the story of how making connections grows our power, by Kristine Jelstrup

Early in 2017, Ginger Ryan and I went to the MA Climate Action Network Conference in Boston. I ran into a friend who is involved with 350 North Shore. He wanted 350 North Shore to ally with Mothers Out Front because we have a reputation at making things happen on the local and state level. I told him the best way to do that was to have Mothers Out Front teams on the North Shore, so he set about trying to make that happen. 

Pioneer Valley Team working to make Net Zero happen!

MA - Work on the ground continues after the vote to switch to 100% renewable for municipal buildings in Amherst.

Andra Rose notes: "This article includes a celebratory photo of us thanking Town Meeting members after our 100% Renewable Energy and Zero Energy articles won. See the super mom cape?"

"…Those in the construction field who signed onto a letter of support for the bylaw argue that zero energy is becoming much easier and doable, and that the worries don’t match reality. Bruce Coldham, a retired Amherst architect, said skeptics have been challenging him since he built his first zero energy project 15 years ago.

'It’s a wonderful opportunity to turn wishful thinking into real achievement,' Coldham said. 'This is a watershed moment.'”

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Mothers witness 100+-year-old Tree Removal at Walden Pond

Mothers Out Front from Concord (Carolyn Wilkins) and Acton (Judith Aronstein) are #inthenews reporting a gas leak at Walden Pond, thought to contribute to the death of a 100+-year-old tree, which was removed.

“It’s a clear and overpowering gas leak,” Carolyn Wilkins of the Concord chapter of Mothers Out Front said minutes before a huge crane removed the tree in pieces.

Mothers Out Front is an environmental activism organization seeking to have gas leaks plugged. It cites scientific studies showing methane gas is harmful to the environment.

National Grid has said there are 126 natural gas leaks in Concord. All but three, including the leak near the white pine at Walden Pond, are classified as Grade 3, which pose the least risk of combustion."

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