The Bedford Community team is a group of daughters, mothers and grandmothers who are working with our town and other allies on a host of initiatives to address climate change. We are looking for people to support us or join our efforts in these areas and more.
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On behalf of Bedford Mothers Out Front Chapter, we thank you!

No Home visit necessary!BIG NEWS!
No-Cost Virtual Assessments now Available

Nancy Kerringan will explain it all here.

or Go To










Check out the Women For Results Video

or keep following the action in Madrid at #COP25 #MothersTakeMadrid



What you can do right now and only takes a couple minutes....

Our calls are part of a statewide effort with the Clean Energy Future coalition in support of H.2810, “An Act to Promote Green Infrastructure and Reduce Carbon Emissions” sponsored by Rep. Jennifer Benson and co-sponsored by 104 other legislators

Filling our legislators inboxes with emails and voicemails during and just after the Thanksgiving break will show that we're serious about wanting them to join us to work for a just and livable future for all children. If you email, include a photo of your family with your note.

  • Ask your legislators to urge the Chairs of the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy (Senator Michael Barrett and Representative Thomas Golden) to hold a hearing on the Benson Bill, H.2810, “An Act to Promote Green Infrastructure and Reduce Carbon Emissions.”  Click Here for sample script for calling or email.


Stay tuned for more photos of the climate strike On December 6th in Boston.


Mothers Out Front Just Won... The McNulty Prize   Check out the Video


Climate Change In Bedford: Impact and Response Presentation On Youtube.  Sponsored by MOF and BESC On October 29th, 2019 Check it out Here.    

  • Opt Up - Go For It!  Bedford residents can now Opt Up to 100% renewable energy sources via Bedford"s new Community Choice Aggregation deal.
  • Gas Leaks - We are working to raise awareness in our community of gas leaks and their impacts on health, safety and climate, and are taking action to encourage the gas companies to fix these leaks in our community. Weymouth Update
  • Net Zero Planning - Rapid development in Bedford affords us an opportunity to influence planning to promote smart, energy efficient building. Mothers Out Front Bedford has partnered with allied organizations to create a Net Zero study group to work on this important issue.
  • Home Energy Assessments - We are partnering with Revise Energy to promote no-cost home energy assessments for homeowners in order to reduce consumption of fossil fuels for electricity, heating, and cooling.
  • Food Waste - We are working to promote food waste initiatives in the schools, namely liquids diversion (away from trash) and lunchroom composting, as well town-wide curbside and backyard composting to reduce the emissions related to food waste in the trash.



We are also voicing our support of other climate-related initiatives in our town including the expansion of local public transportation and town solar projects. We are looking forward to adding more concerned, enthusiastic members to our team. 
Please fill out this form to connect with the Bedford team and we will get back you promptly!

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