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The Bedford Community team is a group of daughters, mothers and grandmothers who are working with our town and other allies on a host of initiatives to address climate change. We are looking for people to support us or join our efforts in these areas and more.


Article explaining Mothers Out Front

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What Can I do About the Climate?
“Become less of an individual.  Come together and push for solutions.”
- Author and Activist Bill McKibben


Our Events are On-line now. Please join us for our November Bedford MOF Zoom Chapter Meeting on Sunday, November 22nd.  Social time is 3:30 to 4 followed by presentations that go until 5 P.M. Come support Andee Krazner, MOF Member and co-author of the controversial report, Health Effects from Gas Pollution. There will also be Holiday Saving Tips and much more. See Events Listing on the right column of this  page. 


Join one of our working groups and help generate tangible solutions to the climate crisis in your community. Check out these groups Food Waste, Transportation or Net Zero to learn more about working with us. We reassess and change the focus and groups as needed at the beginning of each year.


Help us build our movement! Bring your personal network together and learn about the growing for mothers to work together to ensure a livable climate for our children.  Want to find out more? Email us at


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  • Opt Up - Go For It!  Bedford residents can now Opt Up to 100% renewable energy sources via Bedford"s new Community Choice Aggregation deal.
  • Gas Leaks - We are working to raise awareness in our community of gas leaks and their impacts on health, safety and climate, and are taking action to encourage the gas companies to fix these leaks in our community. Weymouth Update
  • Net Zero Planning - Rapid development in Bedford affords us an opportunity to influence planning to promote smart, energy efficient building. Mothers Out Front Bedford has partnered with allied organizations to create a Net Zero study group to work on this important issue.
  • Home Energy Assessments - We are partnering with Revise Energy to promote no-cost home energy assessments for homeowners in order to reduce consumption of fossil fuels for electricity, heating, and cooling. Check out this video by Nancy Kerrigan
We are also voicing our support of other climate-related initiatives in our town including the expansion of local public transportation and town solar projects. We are looking forward to adding more concerned, enthusiastic members to our team. 
Please fill out this form to connect with the Bedford team and we will get back you promptly!

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