Be A Hero For Net Zero

Mothers Out Front Bedford is pushing for a town-wide comprehensive, energy plan that will drastically reduce Bedford’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and make Bedford an even better place to live, work, and invest.

We want an energy plan that will reflect the values of Bedford’s residents, businesses, and town government, and will carry us forward into a clean energy future for our children and grandchildren.

What does it mean to be a Net Zero community? 

A Net Zero community offsets energy use with clean energy production.  There are two components to this type of plan:

  1. Energy conservation and efficiency
  2. Clean, renewable energy production

A strong energy conservation plan reduces the need for and cost of energy production. Electrical power generation and heating/cooling of buildings are the largest sources of Bedford’s greenhouse gas emissions and are a good place to start reducing.

Why should Bedford develop a Net Zero Plan?

Reducing GHG emissions means cleaner air, which improves health for people of all ages, and especially for more vulnerable children and seniors.

From a practical standpoint, Massachusetts' Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA) mandates an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions statewide by 2050.  Taking pre-emptive action allows us to meet these requirements on our own terms.  As a town, we will have greater control to address this deliberately in a way that best serves Bedford's interests, rather than having to make a sudden and more drastic change later.

How can you help?

Let the Bedford Selectmen know that you support a comprehensive town-wide energy plan that will make Bedford a Net Zero community!


Here is an Update as of January 2020




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