Help us Ban Single Use Plastic Bags in Winthrop MA

Winthrop Mothers Out Front want to trash talk. Well, talk about trash: specifically one major contributor to trash - plastic bags. We’re advocating for a plan to dramatically reduce our use of plastic bags.

Why do this?

  • Curb trash on the streets
  • Protect the marine environment and waterways
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and solid waste, and promote the use of reusable bags.

We are a coastal community. Protecting our treasure is in our blood. Across the world, across the country and across Massachusetts, plastic bag bans are already in place. As of August 2018, 81 Massachusetts cities and towns regulate single use plastic bags, according to the Sierra Club. We can do it, too.

And did you know the energy used to produce all the plastic bags that a typical household goes through in one year is enough to light that same house for 6 months; and how often are our recyclables rejected because of the presence of plastic bags?

Help us solve this problem by signing below and we’re ready to work with the council to make it happen. Our kids deserve no less.


Who's signing

Nichole Vatcher
Brigitte Carangelo
Lara Van Lannen
Julia Wallerce
Tiffany Beck
Roberta Henderson
Andrea Warmbold
Suzanne Dalton
Nancy Tufo
Donelle Bucholtz
Kristin Gilzean
Anne Drogin
Linda Rainville
Beverly Alba
Donna Reilly
Kathi Young
Virginia Cronin
Kathy Martin
Diane Harakas
Tracey Honan
Terri Bracy
Cindy Luppi
Catherine Stacy
Sylvia Whiting
Theresa Herbert
Patricia Baughman
Christian Chipman
Carol Walker
31 signatures


As a citizen of our coastal community, I support a Winthrop Town Council and Board of Health ordinance enacting a ban on single use plastic bags in order to promote the health, safety, welfare and cleanliness of Winthrop for its residents and wildlife.




Will you sign?

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